This spell is for those who constantly feel depressed or on the brink of tears, this is an anti- depressant spell which may help you to find the light of the world again.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A black candle
A white candle
A large bowl which is half full of soil
A small bowl That’s half full of rainwater
An insense stick in a holder
A medium sized feather
A piece of paper
A black ribbon
A small predug hole outside
A lighter

Casting Directions for ‘Anti-depressant’

Tie the ribbon around your wrist. Place the lighter on the floor beside your altar( making certain it isn’t a trip hazard). Believe in yourself and your magick. First of all, you need to cast a circle. Next, light the black candle and say My spirit is lit by black desires that I banish them by way of fire. Using the fire of the black candle light the white candle and say Now white light can enter in and goodness today my spirit will bring Add the rainwater into the soil saying The soil is black the water pure a mixture of both will be my cure.

With the pointed end of the feather, stir the soil and water until the water has been absorbed into the soil stating I take out this mixing deed I expect that my spirit is freed. Using the pointed tip of the feather, draw a pentagram onto your paper with the slightly wetter soil

Roll up your paper and fix it with the black ribbon saying I bins thee now into the earth and with thee I will bind the curse. Extinguish the candles and open the circle.

Burry the scroll in your predug hole, then put a marker on top so you know where it his. Every night for a week say My soul is light my soul is free my spirit is bright my spirit is me On the final night dig up the scroll remove the ribbon and burn the paper, with it removing the curse.

SayFinally I can be liberated now the darkness has left me. I will join you at the light from now in my soul is bright blessed be so mote it be.

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