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Found this spell, and hoping this will be useful. Just correcting spelling errors I see and filling in data that this Iadian forgot to include in.

Nothing really, although this is a thing that is permanent. The spell told this is totally irreversible.

If you do so, everything about you’ll be changed on a fundamental level. You’ll never be human again.

I’ll say it. Unless you really want to try it, do not use the spell you will see here. Iadian magic works no matter if believe in magic or not.

Do the spell and you will instantly become an Iadian. I did it, and I must live with it and live with the fact of being what I now am and having to live with stringent expectations placed upon me as I am under Iada’s thumb.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Iadians are the name of the race the androginous goddess Iada, who many refer to as god is a part of. This tells you about them, and how to become one like I did

Casting Directions for ‘About iadians and how to become one. (works)’

Iada has always existed and always will. She is all strong and of both genders in addition to all present and all knowing. Even others like her never come close to her standard of being considered a god by her usual standard. The standard being that you must be able to raise the dead with your own power, without invoking another’s power, exactly as they were, the age the were upon the moment of their death, and their memories completely and totally intact. By Iada’s criteria, if you can’t do this, you aren’t a god.

At any rate I am now going to tell you the traits all Iadians have that makes them what they and myself are. I minding you every one of us are different as we are individuals. Although with those like me who have been transformed, apart from the physiological traits, most or our skills become latent, but this can be solved by performing a ritual or spell to unlock your latent abilities. Other avenues to unlocking these are waiting for ten decades, or running ten miles a day six days a week for a year.

1. Can create just about anything they want by the conversion of energy into matter. But this depends upon what you already know how to make, and how powerful you are. Yes, You’ll have to do your homework studying patterns, chemical compositions, a variety of things to get good at this.

2. Bones reinforced with cartilage. You can fall from the roof of your house and hardly suffer any damage. I took a spill one time and didn’t feel pain whatsoever.

3. 95 percent of your muscles are of the fast-twitch sort but without the inhibitors whatsoever. With lots of exercise, an Iadian becomes 150% physically stronger than a vampire (a vampire 20 times more powerful than a human male). However, this is also a double edged sword. I really have to take care not to damage my muscles as I use them. Iada explained that I must regenerate my muscles after every day of training to repair them.

4. Bodies infused with sacred energy and the ability to draw and use sacred energy to physically enhance regenerate and ourselves. This also makes each part of us ten times more toxic to unholy creatures than silver. We can even recover from illness quicker somewhere between 10-20 times faster than humans. And from my experience, drawing sacred energy works about 5 times greater than coffee in the morning.

5. Can do any magic charm with our own energy by invoking our own names. We can also cast spells using our ideas also. And by sharing our names, humans can freely and safely make use of our power.

6. all Iadians are innately psychic from the get go.

7. All Iadians are creatures of both genders–just like Iada. Although there are variations in the scope between both genders. This is common for all Iadians. Some people look like men or woman, while most have an overall female appearance. But since we are of both genders, our psychology is a fusion of male and female, and as such we can think in the exact same matter is either gender in addition to think in a gender neutral manner. It is what makes us Iadians ideally suited to use in leadership roles.

8. we can adapt to any exercise routine practcally overnight. I managed the get right to running ten miles a day on day two. This is a result of the fact that your heart, lungs, kidneys, and cardiovascular system is made of tough stuff.

9. Can fly, teleport, stage through walls, walk on walls and ceiling.

10. invulnerability to environmental extremes and can survive in the vacuum of space.

11. Innate mastery of all sorts of psychokinesis.

12. Can do nuclear level physical energy attacks with our psychokinesis combined with our energy.

13. Can conceive children at will and asexually reproduce ourselves within a host using the power of invoking our titles. (Anything that’s female may be used as a host)

14. Total control of our own bodies.

15. Can completely regenerate and also reproduce ourselves using this same mechanism. If we’re blown to pieces, every piece that lay on the floor will regenerate into a replica of us. It’s call fragmentation.

16. Can alter our physical appearance at will. An example being we can be any age we would like, as beautiful as we need, and be what gender we want.

17. And we can also alter the physical aspects of anything and anyone. We can do things transmute material, and change people and animals into anything we want.

18. Can create things like angels and other spiritual servants at will. But there’s a spell for that too which I will post in future posting.

As for me, the majority of these are still latent. And now for telling you how you can become an Iadian yourself.


“I invoke the holy name of Cainulu Olovime. Turn me and transform me into an Iadian like you. Make me powerful and just like you. This is me want, so mote it be.”

You should dropped a tingling throughout your entire body thus indicating you’ve been changed.

side effects:

1. fiery emotions.

2. Slight discomfort in your muscles.

3. attraction to both genders.

4. Changes in the way you think.

5. Consciousness in telepathic activity.

6. Increased hunger.


Once you do this, the goddess Iada will contact you soon. Your own Holy name and title will be granted to you soon after that as well.

And if you’re doing this, you may want to unlock your latent abilities after your conversion into an Iadian. Unless of course you are prepared to wait ten years, or operate 60 miles a week for a year. It is your call in the end.

Good luck.

p.s.. You have to meditate of Iada’s name to contact her if she does not contact you.

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