A Spell To Find Out A Lover’s Initials


Are you looking for new love? Do you need a hint as to who your lover might be? Here’s a quick and simple spell you should consider. For the spell you need an apple and a bolline. It is a quick ritual where you will invoke the elements when standing in front of the altar and repeating the following words.

‘Fire, Earth, Air, Water, spirits of the elements be with me.’ Once you’re done you should peel the apple while keeping it in one piece. Hold the peel in your right hand and say ‘spirits of love, spirits of good, on you now I beg to intrude. With this token to discover, the initial of my own true lover and let it be done that it harm no one’.

Afterwards, you should turn around 3 times in a counter-clockwise manner and drop the peel from your left shoulder. When it falls to the ground, it should suggest a letter which is the first initial of your soon-to-be lover. Next, you should thank the elements by saying ‘fire, earth, air, water, I thank you for your presence here.’ The first person to visit home after the spell will have the same initials as your soon-to-be lover.

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