10 Struggles Casting


This is the struggles some of you likely have with casting spells. Here are the problems and advice to fix it.

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Casting Instructions for ’10 Struggles Casting’

1.) Belief This is like the biggest problem people have with this. People today say that the spell dont work for them and get frusterated and the reason for that is that they dont believe. Belief is the largest key in spell casting. Saying a spell dont work or is imitation reduces the chance of the spell working and also lowers your belief which contributes to spells not working for you. Dont ask people to think in spell or provide tips on believing. Only depend on yourself not other people cause they may tell you things which will make you not believe in spells. Believe and the spell will achieve. 2.) Questioning On almost all the videos people keep asking Does it work? That is what makes charms fail for them. Do NOT ask that cause if you want spells to genuinely work for you then you wouldnt ask that. 3.) Asking for Proof People ask this a lot on my station. Like when I post a mermaid spell they inquire Show your tail and forces for proof that this spell functions. or something like that. Dont request that cause like I said it is NOT believing. And you also cant post or capture a movie of your tail and forces anyway cause it’ll take them away and you know how people are. You dont need proof so as to believe in a spell cause if you request that then spells will fail and you not thinking. 4.) Other Folks This is another major problem people have with spell casting. Mean individuals who think they understand everythang telling that spells arent actual or they dont work just to let other people down. But allow me to tell ya, dont listen to them. They dont make spells, post videos of these, get a lot of support, and all that. I am trying my best not to listen to them. Anyways, dont listen to them just ignore and keep believing. Believe what you believe in 5.) Confidence I know spells has results you might not know about cause of everything will might happen but dont worry about it. Confidence is another key to spells. Being too scared cause some spells to not work for you. Dont be scared cause spells is about confidence also. Keep calm and keep casting. 6.) Instructions Some instructions be overly complicated But some spells are easy Just read the instructions and spells over and over again until you get what it is saying. If you still dont get it, then you can always ask me. If some spells dont have directions and just the spell just make your own directions and do something that goes with the spell. For instance, if you find a mermaid spell that just has the spell and no instructions just put your hand in water just to be sure and secure. 7.) Side Effects When people do spells, they dont understand the side effects of it. On some of videos I dont put the side effects cause I’m like in a rush to get the video. To be aware of the side effects, think of what the spell and the instructions will do if you cast it and it worked. For instance, if you dont know the side effects for a vampire spell only know that witches have cravings for blood, cant go out in the sunlight, like the night, etc.. So that means that the side effects for a vampire spell is much more energetic at night, feeling more hot in the sun, teethaches, etc. 8.) Magic Level Magic has certain levels like novice, intermediate, and advanced. If you are starting out in magic, I suggest looking for spells which are easier to perform like healing spells, wish spells, spell to stop a cold or something like that. As you get used to this and getting what spells does you can do to higher degree that’s intermediate with spells like summoning spells, spell to control your dreams, energy spells ,etc Once you get all of that move on to complex spells, which are like spells to control the weather, shapeshifting, flying, etc. 9.) Patience I know a number of you that want to be something really bad you could hardly wait for it. Some spells dont work right away. Some spells take time. Dont expect a spell to work in like 1 minute or instantly. Patience is also a key to spell casting. If you dont wait then you will frustrated and lose your belief which results in spells failing. Try to wait along with the spell will have a higher likelihood of working. 10.) Results Some spells come out with good results some come out with bad. Certain spells have specific results when you cast them. Depending on what the spell is and what it does comes out with good results or bad results. If it is a spell to like kill someone and stuff then the result might be bad for you personally. Not only spells have certain results it’s backfires too. Backfires comes mostly with bad spells. Just in case some of you dont know, backfires are bad results of if you do something awful. Like for example if you cast a spell to hurt somebody then it might backfire of yourself getting hurt. That is why I dont do bad charms which are known as black magic. I’d suggest you dont do black magic or bad spells make it might not work out the way you want to. Some spells might backfire on you if you do certain things. Like on vampire spells I see, in the event you cast one and try to reverse it, it may cause bad results on you. Some spells are permanent and you cant reverse them. If you dont to be something for so long then I wouldnt suggest you do it.

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