What Is Going to Happen Next


Gives you the ability to see into the future.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘What Will Happen Next’

Sit with your legs crossed, back up arms and straight on your legs. This technique involves using your spirit or spirit. Now close your eyes and focus on your breathing, now imagine that you are opening your eyes and watching everything about you (sometimes it will all be in black and white as you start learning this technique it will appear in colour), you may look around while youre imagining.

Next imagine that your soul or soul standing up, then make your spirit or spirit walk around rather walk around you first. Then walk someplace like to your front door and see what you see. If say now you see a car pulling up in the driveway imagine that your soul is running back to you through walls and objects whatever is in its own way it could walk through. Then, when your ghost (thats what I like to call my spirit or soul) gets to you make it sit down the way you’re facing, and then close its eyes (if done right you will see darkness or blackness or the surroundings will fade away). Then open your eyes and quickly go to the drive way and look whether a vehicle is pulling if not you might need to go back later. Then if youve done it right you would have seen into the future. Now do the exact same but keep your ghost about you dont wonder too far. When youve gotten the hang of controlling your ghost bring it back to you, now imagine your ghost putting ointment or bandages or something like the accidents then when the ghost is completed envision your ghost sitting exactly the exact same way as you shutting its eyes and then open yours. Then go about your day as you want when you wake up the next morning the harms shouldn’t be a problem.

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