Voodoo Magick


I am going to teach you how to do magick voodoo.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A skull head about two to three inches tall.

Casting Instructions for ‘Voodoo Magick’

The skull will be a magical thing once enchanted. First you will learn how to enchant the skull. Hold the skull in your hands and say:

By the power of me and of spirits, skull thoughts do asI please.

Now tell the skull head to be your magic assistant and that it will help you with what ever you need. Now your skull head is
Enchanted you’ll learn how to conjure spirits. To conjure a spirit/s state:

Spirits hear my call, listen to my voice, come to me, so may it be.

Then if the a soul appears you can ask it a question for divination or anything else. Then when your done with the soul say:

Thank you for your time, nowI banish thee to leave by the power of me, so mote it be.

Now you will learn to work with magick energy. First thing you do is on mind envision roots from the earth connecting to you. Then cup your hands and see that energy flowing down your arms, then from your hands to form a ball of energy. Now tell the ball of energy to do whatever you want, to poke someone, to grab someone ect. You can use that energy to make something levitate as well just by directing that energy with an object and concentrate on making it levitate. Now the last thing you need to know is the best way to recharge your magickal energy. To do this you need to sit down on the floor and touch the earth palm flat against the ground, then visualize energy in the ground going through your hand in your body then to your torso. That energy can be held in the center of your chest till you want to use it. That is allI have for nowI will post more later. When you have any questions magic mail me.

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