Vanity Insanity, A Curse for the Vain…


Here’s a curse for someone who is extremely vain. This will bring them insanity out of their own vanity. It shall make them crazy in their own mind believing they’re ugly and no longer pretty to the world. Sometimes we come across people in our lives which we can’t stand because these people are so vein and they believe they’re better than you just because they were blessed with extremely good looks. Its one thing if they are good looking but it is another thing if they go around acting like they know it. If you are like me, then it’s time to knock them off their high horse. Personally, I hate people like this and would like nothing better than for these people to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror saying… I look like crap… I hate myself and my looks! Oh my, this is a excellent spell and there are several people deserving of it.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Hair and nail clippings and an image of the one you wish to punish

Casting Directions for ‘Vanity Insanity, A Curse for the Vain…’

Take nail and hair clippings and a picture of the one you would like to punish. Take the picture and write the words “Beauty and Charm” on it with a black magic marker. Place all this in your cauldron and set it on fire. You will want to do this outside so in order to protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning and or burning down your house. As the fire starts to burn, read the following incantation…

“(Persons name) whom I now see
You will go insane from vanity.
You’ll see yourself as others do
All of your looks are gone from you.
What was is gone and now is true
All of your beauty will flee from you.
You look in the mirror, yourself to tend
Your young face has come to an end.
Your mighty ego now is broken
You will go insane in that exact token.
I take this all away from you
Because of all the things you do.
As Soon as You thought you were so good
I bring you down to meet your destiny.
The odor of stench is in the air
Around you now, you will lose your hair
In your mind you will go insane
Vanity is now your pain.”
“I take this now manifesting from the forces of the Deities that rule the Darkest of the Abyss… Lucifer, Belzebut and Astarot. Aid me in my endeavors and carry out my wishes. So be it!”

Take the ashes and place them in a little bag or container. The reason you need to save every bit of this is so that you can set the ashes around your victims house. If you’re a person who does go in this persons house that will be all the better for you can scatter them around the interior of the house in various places.

After you have read the incantation will want to sit and meditate on the curse and visualize all these things happening to the victim of your choice.
When you’re done meditating for a couple of minutes, make sure the fire is completely out and return to your nightly affairs.

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2 thoughts on “Vanity Insanity, A Curse for the Vain…”

  1. Can a person who did not cast this spell/curse reverse or Banish it? In the case I am referring to the person did this to a Lady who rejected him and not because of her Vanity I need to Help her because I Love Her and I can’t stand watching what a sick demented drug addict has done and is still doing to her he did this out of hatred and self pity and self loathing not because She was Vain or deserving Please Help Me ànd Us over c one this so we can get our lives back together Thank You Very Much

  2. I think the Vanity Insanity Curse should be Banished from existence and everyone affected by it should be given there life back !!!


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