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Casting Directions for ‘Ultimate Mana’

Creating a mana ball: Now, if you read the section on different energies, you’d know that mana is free-flowing energy which flows everywhere and is also inside all non-living things. Now, to make a mana ball, its basically the same as a ki ball, just instead of visualizing your ki from within your body making the ball, visualize mana energy flowing out of everything around you, the sun, and through the air. Visualize it flowing in between your hands, and swirling around forming a ball. If your hands get warm/tingly/electric/magnetic, you’ve just made a mana ball.Mana
Advanced vortex:
Create an energy vortex. Once around you, project it a little off your body so that its about 2 feet away from you. Power up with the ki fire technique. Now project you flame to the left of you to create a magnet for mana. Create a second vortex by using more mana, and a little from the initial vortex to give it a boost. Do this untill you have four vortexes. Connect the vortexes to eachother. Start making all four rotate around you. Rotate them so fast that their energy begins to combine. When this happens you’ll be standing in the middle of one large vortex.
Elemental Energy:
To use elemental energy, do the following. Concentrate on your spirit. Visualize it melting away. Now make your soul change into the appropiate color for the element you wish to use:
Air: Yellow
Fire: red
Water: Blue
Earth: Green and/or brown
Bring your spirit back up as the colour of the element you are supposed to use. Now put your hands up to your chest so that index finger is touching index finger, thumb and thumb, etc.. Visualize beams of light coming from your soul and in between your palms. Produce a ball of light colored the components energy. From here you can do as you desire. Here are a few ideas:Create a fireball(Fire), iceball(Ice), wind blast(wind), or give yourself more power(Earth).
Mana Quake: Start drawing mana towards you. Create a wirlpool of energy around you. Make sure not to touch the mana, there should be a difference at the center of the wirlpool for your entire body. As more mana has been inserted, make it spin faster. Once there is suffecient energy in it, make it stop spinning. Make your ki touch the mana. This will set off a chain reaction of explosions that will travel down to the end of the wirlpool. This technique is only effective if the mana in the wirlpool is touching the opponent.
Mana ball:2
Place your hand palm up with your arm bent. Your hand can be either head or chest level. Use ki feeling to feel the energy all around you. Breath in and draw this energy(mana) to a ball about three inches off your palm. Breath out and stop drawing mana. Repeat. Draw in mana from the Earth, wind, water, and fire(helps in case you ask spirits for flame). After about a minute, you need to have a farely charged mana ball.
Mana sheild:
Feel out the mana around you and focus on the elements. Start pulling energy out of them. You should be standing in a fighting position. Visualize the mana enclosing you in a ball. Keep adding mana to the ball around you so that you create multiple layers of the sheild.

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