Are you bored of being a human?This simple spell can help you change! If you want to be something more exotic than a normal human like a unicorn or a mermaid than use this spell
Side effects look down.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Belief, A photograph of your transformation monster, A candle, Night, Alone, A favourite jewelry or clothing, A bowl of water, Petals of your favorite flower, Towel of favorite colour, A favorite hiding place.

Casting Directions for ‘Transformation’

Firstly take your candle and light it then take the photo of your transformation monster and whilst holding it over the candle mutter
“Oh Kwatee god of transformation
Allow Me to be woman or no man neither
For I want to be a/an(creature you wish to transform)
Allow Me to see the beautiful ( say two attributes of your creature)
Please I beg of thee”
After chanting this your picture of your transformation creature should have burnt lay the ashes/pieces aside and take the petals of your favorite blossom (eg. Mine are a daisy) and the bowl of
Water I find warm water successful but any kind will do, carefully
Place each petal in the water ( 1 petal for each year of your age) and
Now take your favourite item of clothing or jewellery this could be a
A scarf now put this thing in the water.
Take your burnt photograph and place this into the water with the
Item of clothing/jewellery and mutter:
“Oh Kwatee god of transformation
Allow Me to be no man or woman neither
For I want to utilize these things
Allow Me to wear them and transform
Please I beg of thee”
Now remove the item and place it on the towel of your favorite colour
The next morning remove your item from the towel and place it on your favourite hiding place after leaving it for a minute for each year of your age like if you’re 18 then leave it there for 18 minutes.
Now when you wear your item of clothing it will transform you.
There may be side effects when you first put it on
These are ache on the area you’re wearing the object then you’ll feel light headed or dizzy that this will go on for about 1 day after your initial transformation.

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  1. me and my friends have a question is it possible to transform back to a human if so how? and say your animal gets injured when you transform back to a human will it be healed respond on here


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