To Spark Love between 2 People


Can be used for yourself and another, or for two completely different people.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 Red candles
2 White candles
Two small sheets of paper or cards
Red marker
(Optional) Red ribbon

Casting Instructions for ‘To Spark Love between 2 People’

Arrange the candles so they would form a pentacle, if lines were connected between them. The candles should be the bottom two things and the one stage, with the candles that the points. Light your candles counter-clockwise.

Now, take your two pieces of paper/cards, and on one piece write the first name of person A in the spell’s first letter. Then, on the other piece, the first letter of the first name of person B. Place these two cards between the candles, at the middle of the star shape as you chant.
Don’t forget to replace the blanks use his/hers that is appropriate for the circumstance, and you need to bring together.

Oh Goddess and God I come tonight
On behalf of another to share his/her plight
____ with none’s love
Seeks ____ to be his/her one

Allow this union and keep it strong
Let these two do each other incorrect
Pull with force these two
Keep this way to them

Spell be advised an’ sealed and done
With hope that ____’s want be won
Hear me true and make
As I will so mote it be.

After the chant, if you’ve got the ribbon, you may tie the two papers or cards and keep them or give the person the spell has been completed by you for them. You must blow out the candles in precisely the sequence you lit them.

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