To Make Sun Water


Teaches you how to make sun water that gives you energy and cleans the bad energy.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Sea salt
Normal salt
Common salt
Table salt
(At least 2 Kinds of salt)
Dry chili
Dry lemon grass
Some white and black pepper
2 yellow candles
2 orange candles
A empty things that can support water and heat, something like box, or perhaps jar.

Casting Instructions for ‘To Produce Sun Water’

You MUST do this spell in 12:00pm, at the noon beneath the sun.

Place the water in a jar or something empty. Mix 1000mL either 2 types of salts to the water while add on dry lemon grass and the chili. Add also some black and white paper while

Hu jiao hu jiao…
Hu jiao de li liang shi zui da

Add some sugar into it, then chant:

Tang tang, rang wo bian mei!

Under the beaker or jar, place and light the flame. Burn the beaker or jar for the whole afternoon, light the two yellow candles at the left side while the 2 orange color on the right side until 5:59pm.
That chant the 10 times:

Jie yi min de huo ran jie yong, yong de fen fen rao hu shang deng lie wu.

Make sure you take the water in your home after 5:59pm and put again in another noon 12:00 pm.

Repeat the following steps for 49 days under the hot sun. Sun water is well prepare. Even though this is quite complex, but the water is extremely useful and the ingredients are easy to discover. Set a cup in the area you want, it is going to protect you from bad power and so cure your mild wound after washing with it. It also gives you good luck after tub with it.

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