To Bring Clarity


This is a spell to progress Psychicism, or clear up things in your head, dealing with pychicism,(also works for other gifts, just ask before use, they have a list of the skills it works for) by Willow13.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Tarot Cards: The Star, High Priestess, and Hermit A candle

Casting Instructions for ‘To Bring Clarity’

Part 1:
The layout of this spell takes the shape of a crown,as a crown sits atop the head, and expands consciousness,awareness outside the senses.
The cards that you need to remove from the deck are:
-The Star
-The High Priestess
-The Hermit

The Star represents inspiration and advice from cosmic and supernatural forces.It complements and gives power to the High Priestess, the card which focuses the mind,devolping intuition and listening to inner voices.The Hermit stands for revations and interpretation of knowledge.
You need a candle place a foot or even a few inches away from the cards, not yet in position.
Pull up in a chair or sit on a bed or even the floor, somewhere comforable, and relaxing.
The candle color can be blue, for appearing inward.Or white for all-purpose intuition.or even purple for pychicism and spirituality.
There are 4 parts to this spell,preparation, meditation, visualization, and affirmation.
The prep part is finished.:-RRB-
Part 2:
When ready, light the candle. For a period of 3 minutes, to 3 minutes focus on the flame. Clear your mind as you do that. Then close your eyes and envision the fire still in thoughts.
After you’re done, concentrating on the flame, place the star in place.
Meditation on the flame should take anywhere fron 5 to 15 minutes, but don’t move the Star card, until ready to move.
Part 3:(The heart of the spell)
When the Star is put in place, visualize yourself walking alongside a lake, beneath a star filled skies. From time to time, you dip your toes into the water. Feel the coolness of the water from the skin, feel you’re one with the lake, as well as the land and the stars.
Feel the connection, with growing intensity as you connect with the Stars.
Spread your arms outward( both in actuality and visualization lol) and say that

I call upon the wide ranging powers!
I call upon all good and friendly.
Spritis of guidance Aid me now in my mind or opening of my psychic centers!Help me learn to open myself to the knowledge and advice whichI seek!

Next Set the High Priestess in postition.
Image you are still walkinmg across the lake and you visit a temple. The temple can take whatever form your mind creates. Visualize yourself going up to it and trying the doors. They are locked.
You try again and when your hand touches the doorhandle is swings open. You enter the temple, again let your mind furnish it.Say this aloud

I unlock the doors,
I enter the temple,
I go within,
I’m one with the understanding.
I see with other eyes, I hear along with different ears. I feel with other senses.

Now set the hermit in place.
Envision yourself going deeper into the temple, letting your mind decorate several rooms. Eventually you pass through an area with columns, the same pillars in the high priestess card.
There is an altar in the middle of the pillars. On the altar is Your candle, flame as you reunite to in the beginning.
You walk up to the candle and feel the warmth of it under your hands.and say:

All is made clear, hidden knowledge is brought forth in the light of comprehension.

Then you are no longer at the temple. You’re home in your comfortable place, with your cards and candle.

Part 4:
Do the following exercise: Start expanding your mind outward in a spiral pattern.Start with your body. Make your senses circle around, taking all sounds and sights. Scan in an ever-widening spiral the room you are sitting in, the rest of the house, your yard, your street, your neighborhood,ranging farther still, your town, county, state, nation, thw world, our solar system, the universe. The carefullt, reverse or retrace your steps all the way back home, until you open your eyes.
Say this:

I am open and receptive
to higher levels of consciousness.
Spirits of advice are here for me
And I channel the knowledge they offer.
I am open and receptive
My psychic centers are quicked.
I open my eyes and ears
To all impressions, and intuitions
that are coming to me.
I spread the veil of Being
thatI may look beyond.
I open the windows of Where and When
And I see beyond.

Relax and if you just openned the pyschic wall- allow the new ideas and visions come to your mind.
For those folks who used this to clear pesky thoughts and anxieties in out psychic lives, work over the issue again and you just may find the answer.
I hope many of you try it, and find the results and benefits you all deserve.
I’ll be gone for a few days, but I shall be back soon.
I wanted to end on this note:
No matter what you find, Trying and making an effort creates experience and wisdom:-RRB-
Blessed be, Will
The book is called:
Tarot spells Janina Renee
The pychicism it represents is compassion and precognition.Thats all it says.
No,I didnt copy the spell word for word,I changed it a bit, to my liking,in a way that works better, thats whyI didnt add the link. Sorry!

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