Think of Me


A spell to make someone think of only you everyday.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Photo/Name of you victim written in a paper
Your photo/Name
Pink cord/yarn
3 light colored candles

Casting Instructions for ‘Think of Me’

Place the candles in a triangle formation about 1 ft. apart. Using the yarn tie the photo/name of that person to your photo/name(so it is now connected). Place it in the center of the candles. Light the top most candle and say;

Candle light, shine so bright. Show ( name of the person) your might!, Corrupt his/her thoughts tonight. Make him/her think of me, as long as this bond would stay! Light the second candle on your left and repeat the above chant and so on the last candle. Now visualize the pink thread glows brightly. After it blow the candlelights and say ;

So mote it be!

Keep the photo/name with the yarn/thread still tied on it.Put it in a safe place, you might need it someday if you would lift the spell off.. Simply cut or untie the knots.

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