The Spell of the Shell


This is a lunar spell which calls on the ability of the Moon along with the waves. It is also representational because the casing is a long accepted symbol for the Goddess and signifies her ability to take everything to her and effect changes. In this instance, we use an Ogham Stave to signify healing, although the spell can be used for other purposes as well. It is performed at the seaside.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Shell A symbol of your desire Fine nibbed marker pen

Casting Directions for ‘The Spell of the Shell’

To perform this spell, you need to find a suitable shell in shallow water. Take the shell and dry it completely. Draw your chosen symbol upon the surface of the shell. For healing, we propose the Edhadh Ogham Stave:

Put the shell upon the shore so the tide will bring the waves throughout the shell. After the shell is set up, draw a triangle in the sand, enclosing the shell completely. The symbol upon the shell must be facing upwards (towards the Moon).

Quite simply, or phrases, may be put upon the shell too, or just written in the sand (within the triangle). Finally, face the Moon and say the following words of enchantment:

Goddess of Moon, Earth and Sea,
Each desire in thy name must come to be.
Powers and forces that tides do make,
Now summon thy waves, my spell to take.

Leave the area now and the charm is set. Once the waves come, then your wish will be taken out to the spirits of the sea. It will usually take about seven days to get a -lunar spell to begin to manifest, but it might take as long as 28 days.

This type of magic is what we predicted small functions and belongs to the folk-magic amount of spell making.Take care to note the stage of the Moon (waxing forthe gain of something, waning for the dissolving of-something). You are using natural objects which to- the uninitiated mean nothing.

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