The Opening of the Mouth


from red_rox07

You may need the following items for this spell:

A Bowl of 1/4 of a cup water
A towel
A Knife
Your sarcophagus Charm
A low table to use as an alter
2 Tan or brown candles.

Casting Instructions for ‘The Opening of the Mouth’

Open the mouth of your soul to bring in the power of an ancient Pharaohs, if the pharaoh allows. This can also open your third eye if needed. This is NO JOKE and not to be played around with.

Set up your Alter: The two candles on both sides of the table. In the center place your bowl of water. Under your bowl needs to be sitting on your Wet towel that’s folded up to make a medium square. Your Sarcophagus Charm on the in between you and the bowl, on the table. The Knife to the right of the candle.

Get on your knees and meditate before the table. Calm your mind. When done, calm your physical body. Calm your soul. And calm your soul.

Wave your hands over the candles three times, and warm your hands. Slowly proceed, keeping your mind clear and still, and work your way to the leaves and cup them with your hands. Close your hands and drop them all in the bowl. Use your spoon and combine the two. Meditate again for 15 minuets. Then stand and grab your knife and cut on your finger, or hand, and allow the blood to drip on your bowl. It should be sufficient to alter the color of the water. Set down your knife. Once again, use your spoon and mix the waters.

Back on your knees and meditate again for 15 minuets. Now, take your Sarcophagus Charm and soak it into water as you count to 30. When dose, place it on the opposite side of the table. Take to bowl in your hands and prepare yourself. When centered and ready, while on your knees, bend over like you’re bowing and dump the water in your head. Then drop the bowl. Quickly stand and grab your charm. Now quickly set the charm on your torso, lie down and close your eyes. Speak: ҔOÃ’Â’ great pharaoh(Insert Pharaoh name here) let e see, for the sun no longer sets you free. Give me your power to such a will, or give me nothing to drop and kill.Ҕ

If the Pharaoh decides, you will get and sense his/her power serge through you. If not, then you’re going to get nothing.

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