The Law Of Attraction and Wicca: Is Magic Enough?


So, you have cast your magic spell; you’ve let your prayer candle, you’ve called in all your spirit guides, you have collected all of the corresponding herbs. You timed your magic perfectly to sync up with some astrological phenomenon, and you are practicing your affirmations! Is that enough? You start to ask yourself is this enough, is magic enough? I don’t know, you tell me!

Whether or not magic is enough, it’s enough to manifest something that you really want into your life, and my opinion is that it, sometimes depends, yes it’s enough!

I have done magic that has had a fairly instant effect, and that amazed me. It always amazes me that blows me away, and that is one of the most exciting things about magic. But more often than not, it’s not it’s not enough. Magic is not enough! I am a person who I’m a big fan of meeting the Universe halfway.

Law Of Attraction and Wicca

I believe that we have materialized here on this physical planet to participate in this reality. We are not just our minds, and we are not only our spirits! We are also bodies. I believe that we are meant to interact with the world that ways, so for me magic is about getting into alignment in mind, body, and spirit!

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t and only time will tell. I think they indeed go hand in hand.

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It’s vital for those of us who are practicing the law of attraction or magic to engage with life in a physically active way. Not just approach life from the safety of our couch, peeping out the windows, and sending our magic! If you want to win an Oscar, but you’ve never auditioned for a movie, how is your magic going to help you with that?

If you’re looking for the love of your life, but you never leave your house, how are you going to find him? Maybe through magic, some magic of the Universe, he will come knocking on your door one day? But why not help the Universe along, why not make it a little bit easier?

I’m a big fan of Anthony Robbins, and one thing that he says is: “never leave the site of a decision without immediately taking action on that decision that you’ve made! You push your energy out into the Universe and make that decision real!” (Source)

I feel the same way about doing spell work or working with the law of attraction. Do your spell and then immediately take an action that supports that and meets the Universe halfway. I believe in a mind/body/spirit approach. Your mind is a vast, intricate and complex place and you can get in your way just mentally with the mental processes that you have going on.

I think it’s vital to learn how to do shadow work or to replace some negative thought patterns with some more positive thought patterns you need to get. You know the mental components the mind are born that way — your body and interacting with this 3d reality that is about taking action and meeting the Universe halfway.

You’ve got to get your body on board, and you got to put some muscle into it. I think that this is another critical component and then spirit is the opposite. That’s when you’re getting out of your way, and you’re listening through meditation, you’re listening to the Universe. You’re listening to the spirit, you’re listening to your intuition, and you’re letting the spirit be your guide.

It can be critical because your mind and your ego might have a lot of ideas about what you want. On the other hand, your spirit and your soul might be saying: No! This is what I want!

Manifesting Money and Success-free-meditation The Law Of Attraction and Wicca: Is Magic Enough?So, I’m putting my money on this mind/body/ spirit connection. I think before you even do a spell, it’s essential to get clear with your soul’s desire. I like to do that through meditation. Make sure that what you want is in alignment with your soul’s purpose. In alignment with what makes your spirit sing, what makes your heart happy. Then you can avoid all of this chasing after things, that is never going to fulfill you. I think you can save yourself years of anger and frustration that way. So they all work together it’s a balance.

So, is magic enough? Sometimes you’re going to be lucky. Maybe it’s not luck, and maybe it’s magic that you perform, that was already in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

So you were just like Hey soul, Hey spirit, I’m getting in alignment with you now, and I’m stepping into the flow!

Maybe those are the moments when the magic does work on its own? The times, when you have to put a little muscle behind it, and a little energy are when you’re like:
“I want this thing that’s really out of my reach!”

Maybe it’s a vessels purpose, perhaps it’s not, but I’m going to go for it! And then, I’ll have all that power that I’ll need to do to help it alone.

You might find that what you want changes as you go along and that’s perfectly fine too.

I think that staying open to the possibilities and willing to change your mind it’s a valuable asset in life.

I’m not just here to talk about magic. I’m here to talk about how to create the perfect life of your dreams. Isn’t that what magic is all about? Creating change in conformity with your will trigger many positive outcomes: exercise, diet, saving money, investing, being a good parent to your kids, est.

There’re so many different ways to create change. Don’t limit yourself to just magic, because that’s what’s fascinating and exciting to you or because you want a quick fix.

Magic or Law of Attraction is not a quick fix, and you’re still human. We’re here on the Planet Earth, and I think it’s great to enjoy our destiny.

Wrapping It Up

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