The Discipline of Protection.


Surrounds you in a force field of good.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Clover Salt Cross/Angel statue One green candle One red candle One yellow candle One blue candle Three white candles

Casting Directions for ‘The Field of Protection.’

Meditate on yourself/item being protected by a force field. Then place the colored candles round you/item together facing their elemental direction (green-north, red-south, yellow-east-right, and blue-west-left.) Then place the 3 candles beside each other and set the cross/angel statue facing the middle candle facing you. Mix the clover and salt together and scatter them both around all of the white candles. Light all the white candles except for the middle one.

Then chant three times: I need protection from above. Wrap it up and seal it with love. Wrap me/this up from the heavenly mire. Protect me/this with the elements Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Stop! Now light the coloured candles around you. Then continue: I give you my energy to become wise and strong. Surround me fully long and wide.

Now repeat only the words two more times focusing on what you would like. Then pick up the cross/statue and on your projection/dominate hand imagine white light surrounding it and you/item with your receptive hand into the sky. Then place it back before the middle candle and say: Guardian dear shining bright, Settle here follow the light. Finally light the middle white candle then leave just that candle burning for 30 minutes. After thirty minutes return and whisper to the fire: As I will it, so shall it be. Then put out the flame and leave the cross/statue somewhere visible in your room.

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