The Custom Of Shadow Man


The tradition of shadow man is yet another yogic meditative practice, which incidentally is almost similar with the Taoist original soul.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘The Practice Of Shadow Man’

First, we must choose a sunny day with clear skies, because this will enable our shadow to be cast in front of us. In doing this exercise, we must have shut our eyes as in meditation and stare at the bottom of the shadows neck. We may close our eyes when our eyes become tired for a few seconds and we should lift our head and look into the clear sky. When our eyes reopen. We’ll see a shadowy figure and we should continue to look at this figure so far as possible.

If we are diligent in our exercise, then this shadow will become clear and that we
Should be able to see two figures at the moment. The shadow is that the shell, it will gradually fade. While the second shadow will gradually become clearer and slowly the qualities of the second shadow will stick out. We will notice that the figure is ourselves.

Otherwise, we also may do the exercise below the moonlight. An experienced practitioner can foretell and take charge of their future. This shadow man may also show a persons health conditions and other secrets also. According to scriptures, anyone who has practiced this method for 12 consecutive years then this shadow man will follow the person everywhere and direct him on each issue.

After following this practice for a lengthy time, this shadow man can also be projected onto a
screen or a wall. When we could physically see this shadow person, we can control our breath and hence order it to perform our deeds. Hence, shadow man’s practice will enable us to understand ourselves more. And if are at this stage, then we will have the power to control others and possibly achieve enlightenment.

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