The Challan Charm


This spell is used to guard a individual with powerful energy protection field. It will make you weak and in some cases vulnerable, but that individual will remain under the protection of your spell.
This Charm sends away part of your aura to that individual in order to raise protection. Transporting your aura from yourself to another is not very straightforward and it requires alot of meditation.
The steps in order to achieve full potential from this charm are:
1. Meditation- in which you should try to focus at least a bit on your will to protect that individual
2. Aura cleaning
3. Spell
4. Meditating in order to keep everything and that individual under protection.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 candles
Chosing a candle will be a bit of hard work. You need three candles, one representing yourself and one representing another( the third one will be used for something else). The colour should be selected after persons zodiac signs.
The candle representing yourself:
Aries -pink
Taurus -light yellow/yellow
Gemini -yellow
Cancer -silver
Leo -yellow
Virgo -blue/ dark blue
Libra -blue
Scorpio -red
Sagittarius-dark blue/ blue
Capricorn -green
Aquarius -light yellow/yellow
Pisces -light green/green
The candle representing the other:
Aries -red
Taurus -purple
Gemini -green
Cancer -green
Leo -orange
Virgo -dark blue/ blue
Libra -purple
Scorpio -red
Sagittarius -purple
Capricorn -grey/ dark blue
Aquarius -purple
Pisces -turquoise
The third candle: white, larger than the other two.
The candles need to be new and should not be used after this spell.
Compose on the candle representing yourself your name, and on another one another person’s name.

Casting Directions for ‘The Challan Charm’

Each zodiac sign is represented by a planet. Each planet represents Gods. The list is here:
Aries -Mars
Taurus -Venus
Gemini -Mercury
Cancer -Luna( example: Letto, not Nyx!)
Leo -The Sun( example: Amaterasu,etc..)
Virgo -Mercury
Libra -Venus
Scorpio -Mars
Sagittarius -Jupiter
Capricorn -Saturn
Aquarius -Uranus
Pisces -Neptun

*if your zodiac sign is represented by the same planet as the person’s you want to protect, this Charm shall not work, as it is a transfer of energy from one to another and you cannot transfer energy from one God to the same one( example: if you are Gemini and the person you want to protect is a Virgo, this spell won’t work)

The Ritual itself:
Light your candle with a match, and light that person’s candle with another match.
Chant: “As we’re just two, and never one
Our auras are what we’ve done.
But by this charm I take from me
The security field given to me”
Take your candle and with it light the massive white one.
“And if (your God’s name) allows, I give to thee
By love, not hate, by sacrifice,
To transform your life,(that person’s God title)’s follower
Into Paradise.”
By saying this, take the white huge candle and unite it’s fire with the fire from the candle representing that person. Hold it still for at least 10 seconds and then blow only the candle. You can even blow your candle, but let that person’s candle burn.

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