Tarot Enchant


Enchant Item for whatever purpose using cards.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Tarot Deck Candle Incense Necklace with a Pendant, Ring, etc.. . Thursday Waxing Moon/Full Moon In the hour of Jupiter (Preferable) Bay Leaf (Optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Tarot Enchant’

Of how tarot cards work, knowledge is a must.

Speech and incantations or chants are up to you as your intention for enchanting an item is entirely up to you. Cast a circle, and follow the procedure.

Step 1: Light an incense that is appropriate. Make sure the object is a virgin to magick, as it may negate the process. Use the smoke and hold the item over it, allowing the smoke to pass through the object, charging it with the power of the incense. The type you use is important.

Step 2: Light the candle. Make sure there is a decent amount of distance between the burning incense and the flame of the candle. Place object in between both.

Step 3: A versatile step. Shuffle the deck at least seven times, and choose the spread you wish to enchant the object with, or draw x quantity of cards. Don’t overdo it. You may look for the cards or draw them with uncertainty, which will have a greater effect.

A good example is when I enchanted a Chinese Feng Shui coin, I drew 3 cards, King of Swords, 4 of Wands, and The Lovers, without knowing the would come up, and the objects purpose was to draw positive vibes through effort while having the necklace. The most logical intention, a feeling of gratitude and achievement, and a more perfect union these cards bestowed upon this charm.

You could even do a Celtic Cross (be cautious), a Four cards disperse, Chakra spread etc.. All because of your intent.

Step Four: Your Alter must have burning incense, a lit candle, object of desirable enchant and the card(s). Using the light of the candle, take the item and encircle it many times over the candle. Allow yourself to draw the energy of the cards inside the circle into the object of your choice. Focus your goal… Chant as you may, and hold the object in both hands.

Step 5 (Optional): When all is done, take a bay leaf and burn in. Permit the smoke of the bay leaf to seize the object that is being enchanted. The Casting from the Spell is done at your control, though, it has to finish prior to the hour does. It must be at most an hour at the beginning of the correspondence. Jupiter loves to give, and understands the desire. A full moon has the ability to control the object with fantastic power also.

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