Sweet dreams are made of these


Aid for sweet dreams.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 blue candle for calming energy, stress relief and easy sleep
1 purple candle for assurance in manifesting desire, concentration, connection to self(s).
1 white candle protection, for purity, clear messages
Tea to help to sleep
Sweet dreams sachet:
Dried lavender
NATURAL colour rose petals Fabric pouch

Casting Directions for ‘Sweet dreams are made of these’

Inform all beings currently in the room to leave if they are of bad intention/energy. If you chose, say anything of high vibration that has no bad intention/energy may stay, shield, and aid that’s very much appreciated.
Light each candle while considering what each candle represents to draw that energy in and push negative energy down to Earth to be recycled.

Say the spell with a strong, clear tone and intention. Repeat as many times as you feel.

For tea:
Pass teacup over candles while visualizing excellent energy rising from the flames into the water. Say the spell while holding the cup to your solar plexus. When finished, drink. Positive energy flows through you flushing out negativity. When gone, raise cup to third eye and invite for tea and freedom of negativity.

For sachet: Can be small or big, whatever you please. Dip dried things into sachet and sew or draw the strings closed. Leave during a full moon for additional umph. Pass sachet over the candles while thinking of what the candles signify and attaching positive energy into the bag. Say the following words while holding the sachet with both hands to your solar plexus.

Tonight is a Amazing night
To be matched with vivid dreams
Of any situation I desire
Everything is exactly what I want seen.
Delicate but rich like chocolate
Warm and beautiful as a lover’s touch
I use my 6th sense to produce
Dreams like I were awake with much
Sensory reactions I can
Smell, touch, taste, know
A higher vibrational area,
No bad allowed, is where I will go.
Awaken refreshed, clear, confident mind
Recalling my journeys into detail that is miniscule
Any night I say these words
Fantastic dreams shall prevail.

Wa doe, June-eela
Thank you, all that is sacred.

Thank each elemental for dance before extinguishing.

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