Make Someone Dream of You


A spell to make another Individual dream of you

You may need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Make Somebody Dream of You’

Decide who your goal is, and have the ability to visualize then very well:

What Phrases do they use?
What colour are their eye? Skin?
What style clothes do they wear?
What gestures do they use?
What is their personality like?
What habits do they have?
How can they sit, talk, walk, eat?
What does their voice sound like?
What is their smile like? Their frown?
What is their attitude towards you? Others?
Find a time when you are sure the person is alseep. Generally, for most people with somewhat normal sleep schedules, you can depend on 3am as being a fantastic time. You can do it closer to the time thye will wake up. They’ll remember it better, but you’ll be taking a risk. They may wake up before you finish, or thye may even wake up before beginning. This isn’t a good thing – if you are trying to send a dream to someone, and they are awake, it will often make them feel negative towards you. Subconsciously, it gets them you’re invading my mind! mode. They wont understand why, but they might feel strange around you. That aside, you’re probably eager to know where to start! Its a fantastic idea to sleep before the hour when you are going to perform the meditation. Sleep for 4 or 5 hours and set an alert to waken you at whatever time you chose as ideally, being when the target is asleep. When you are awaken by the alarm at that time, get up and stretch, walk around your room a bit and get a drink if you need to. You shouldnt be not able to get back to sleep, but you should know enough that your mind is functioning. Get comfy again in bed and lay in your normal sleeping position. From the fantasy meditation, you should fall asleep. In actuality, you should fall asleep during it, believe it or not! Now you must find a perfect, clear visualization of hte person. Use all those characteristics mentioned before to make the person in mind – position, looks, clothes, etc.. Now concentrate on contacting this person. Think about the name over and over again, keeping their image in your mind. Be looking into the eyes of the person on mind. You may feel it if the contact is picked up – if they are asleep. You will feel a slight surge of electricity and a strange sensation, at this time, your minds are hooked up. Its easier to make this relationship than it is to keep it. Here is where you should begin controlling the dream. Focus on making the scene and begin playing it out as you had envisioned earlier. Make sure you are clear about your message. Listen to what another person says. Dont let your mind wander away!! You may fall asleep quite naturally from this point onward. Surprisingly – the dream will not end here. Chances are however, you may both go your seperate ways as your psyches drop connections. Once you’re in the REM (rapid eye movement) state of sleep, you will be so out of it that uless you dream lucidly, you will not have control over anything after that point. The same will be happening on the other persons side.

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