Summon Anything You Want


You can summon a dragon or a griffin, or a wolf or a bear.
Note: if you summon an animal, they’ll be genuine and exist, however they will only be visible with your eyes.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Chalk Salt

Casting Instructions for ‘Summon Anything You Want’

Go outside and draw a circle. It has to be as large as the animal you want, so the creature can fit inside of it. If it is a big animal like a bear, it will have to be a huge circle. If it is a small animal like a bird, then it is going to need to be a small circle. Then, sprinkle some salt inside the circle. Write the name of the creature inside of the circle. Ex. Compose Dragon in the circle if you want to summon a dragon. Then, put one or both of your hands inside of the circle. Or any body part, you simply have to be touching the circle. Then, close your eyes and say “come [animalnamehere]” or “[animalnamehere] come to me”. They will appear inside of the circle. They cannot leave the circle, though. They can only stay inside of the circle.

The animals can speak in any language. They have minds of their own so they could think like a human can. Respect them, they’re there for business and protection. I am guessing that company and protection is the reason why you summoned the animal you summoned.

Warning: Perform a protection spell before this because if it is a danerous animal you’re summoning like a tiger, then you may get hurt by the creature. If it’s harmless like a fairy, then you probably don’t need to do a protection spell.

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