Summon a House Fairy


What It Says.

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Casting Instructions for ‘Summon a House Fairy’

House Fairies
Some homes do have fairies living in them or in their houses. Think to yourself of those times you or your family members have lost things in the home. You’ve placed them down in a particular place, two minutes later they’ve vanished. It happens all the time all around the world and it might be that the fairy folk are playing tricks. Sometimes people report finding presents. Food or money just appears from thin air. Often this occurs only when you need it most. This could be the house fairies looking after you and your family. How do you see them?
All fairy folk like fresh food. It’s thought polite to leave out a dish of milk with a light meal for them. Place this fairy offering in a region where there is natural light, a window sill is ideal, or beneath a garden tree. You must tell the house fairies that this is especially for them. As I said above, don’t do this unless you believe in the fairy folk. Say these few words as you place out your fairy food.

This is my special gift to you
The fairies of my Home
I wish you happiness and pleasure
And provide this with my love.

Now you must nod your head three times at this present and believe in your heart that the fairy folk will take it. They’re watching you do so and if you truly respect them then they will respect you. Treat them badly, or laugh at them and oh dear me you will be in trouble. House fairies are very sensitive to atmosphere so make yours a happy house. Sing and play beautiful music, they love that. Then, if you continue to provide them a daily treat, they might appear. Even if they dont they are certain to be thrilled with your kindness and will assist you and your family in lots of small ways.

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