Shamanic Spell/Ritual of Protection


This may either be done ritually or quickly as a spell when the need arises.

You may need the following items for this spell:

None of these items are essential unless performing this ritually.
A candle, the colour only matters if you consider it to matter. The candle represents fire and the mountain.
A bowl of water, from a fresh and organic source though bottled water is fine. This signifies the sea.
A feather, wand, or stang. This represents air and the sky.
A stone, rock, or piece of pure metal. This represents earth.
A drum or something that can be used as a drum.

Casting Instructions for ‘Shamanic Spell/Ritual of Protection’

Cast your circle if you feel it to be necessary, or just thether your energy to the earth and start channeling natural energies. At this time you can call the quarters, invoke or evoke any spirits, being, etc. for aid or assitance.

Make this ritual/spell your own, do what you like to do when casting make it feel right for you.

If you’re performing this working ritually, set the items recorded in a round fashin in accordance with the quaters. Feather for east, candle, for south, water, for west, and so on. Light the candle and stand at the center of the circle and begin beating your drum in a trance like beat. Aftter several minutes of beating the drum start reciting the incantation below.

If you are casting this spell for urgent use, the ritual and items measures are necessary, you can just begin reciting the spell.

Recite this incantation:

Above is the sky that I hold, and beneath is the ground that I mold,

Within the mountain the flame burns, beneath the surface the water churns,

I seek refuge from that which holds me wrong

Thus I plea and sing the Creators tune

As my drums beat transcends the skies through the sky

My feet stomp and shake the ground and send my cry

My spirit dances pure and powerful, and the Creators light pierces the veil

You shall not bear me hurt, and my faith and love Won’t fail

Be gone now this day never to return, in the name of the old one

By air and sky, and sea, by fire let my soul be done and free.

Once done let the candle burn out and then bury it, pour the water over the buried candle.

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