Sending a Message


Initially created as a way to honor someone who’s passed, to send them a message, from the living to the dead. Design for use by anyone following any path.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 White candle
1 Black Candle
A product(s) representing the person you wish to send a message

Casting Directions for ‘Sending a Message to the Dead’

Place the white candle on the left (this represents life, it represents you), in the midst the item(s) representing the individual you would like to communicate with (this signifies who your message is intended for, more specifically, it guides your message to the appropriate spirit. It can be a bag of herbs representing them, crystals, a photo, etc.) and on the right the black candle (which literally signifies the person who passed, the dead).

Light the white candle and open the means of communication with the spirits by first calling on the deity of your path (th spirit or entity responsible for communication and/or the ability to communicate with the deceased) to facilitate communication with the individual that has passed.

Tell them you want to honor this person with a message, ask for the message to be relayed to them if permissible for them to listen in and invite the spirits/diety. Then crossing over the item(s), light the black candle with the white one and start to talk to them. When you’re done relaying your message, wish them well and say good bye.

Then declare to the deity/spirit easing the communication that you’re have finished, thank them. Then turn to blow out the black candle saying As I blow out this candle, communicating from the kingdom beyond is completed. No unwanted spirits or entities may make contact.

Then proceed to blow out the white candle saying, As I blow out this candle, I finish the communication with the deities/gods/goddesses [Incert whoever you called upon] . Thank you for advice and your aid.

Then, any ritual or spell for cleansing the space you’ve performed this in is highly reccomended (to avoid leaving yourself and that area open to any undesirable spiritual vistors).

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