Saturn Talisman of Protection


This my method on the best way to create a protection talisman with the planetary influences of Planet Saturn.

You will need the following items for this spell:

White A4 Paper element representations Chosen circle casting equipment Black pencil Ref. Table/symbols of saturn Sandwitch bag or clingfilm Stapler or Sellotape Basil 1 Cinnamon stick or floor 1 Star Anise Mint

Casting Directions for ‘Saturn Talisman of Protection’

For this Talisman, were are likely to incorporate the planetary influences, so that if you are producing this talisman, it ought to be through the hour of Saturn. It doesn’t necessarily have to be made on the day of Saturn (Saturday) although it would be better, but it must made during the hour of Saturn.

Additionally it is a good idea to make this either on the Waning or New moon.

1: The first thing you should do, is make a small herb parcel to go inside the Talisman.

For this split up cinnamon stick and the star anise to the sandwich bag, and maybe add a teaspoon each of Basil and Mint it is up to you. When you’re handling the herbs, your mind should be full of the intention of protection.

Wrap up the herbs at the clingfilm or sandwich bag and secure with staples or sellotape and spend a few moments focussing on Planet Saturn and the intention of security.


Next take the A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half length-ways before folding it into thirds. Now insert 1 flap into the other and make a small fold at the opening and you’ve now made the envelope your packet will go in.


Now it’s time to draw the symbols and table.

On the other hand the flaps, you should draw the Table of Saturn (You should be able to Google search it easily enough).

Right over the table you should write a 3, to right of the table you should write a 9, to the left of the table you should writ a 15 and right below the table, you should write a 45.

Also write your name (Or whoever the talisman is for) and the astrological symbol of Saturn.

Now flip the talisman over to the other side. Here you need to draw the Astrological sign of Saturn, the Seal of Saturn and the Intelligence Sigil of Saturn.

Along with your Talisman is now drawn.


Now your ready to charge the talisman. First clear a distance and cast a circle, during which you will set your element representation at each corresponding direction; for me I use corresponding crystals.

The first task is ti control the Table of Saturn. To do so, visualise yourself drawing up the energy in the Earth Energy, through your body and out your fingers. Draw your right index over each line, vertical and horizontal, and imagine that you are packing energy into every line. Next point your finger at each amount on the table and let your energy flow into every one.

Next flip over your talisman and do so same with All the signs by drawing on the lines and packing energy into them

Remember to focus on Saturn and the intent of Protection Also.

5: Now the last step is to consecrate your Talisman. I do it by holding my talisman over each representation and requesting that element to bless and control my talisman of protection. I start with North (Earth) and work my way around clockwise.

When you are finished hold your Talisman up to the sky and imagine Saturn’s energy beaming down and filling your talisman, whilst focussing on the intent of security.

And that’s it, your talisman is made :-RRB- If you have any queries, please feel free to PM me :-RRB-

Thanks for reading 🙂

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