Saturn Banishing


This spell, when done right, will clear influences, feelings, and ideas from the life of one. This has been analyzed.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 envelope 1 black pen or marker coffee beans or grounds any bits of direct Ex: Lead pellets middle finger nail clippings (Optional)Black candle

Casting Instructions for ‘Saturn Banishing’

This spell calls upon planetary magick, which isn’t a difficult thing to do, but remains potent. Saturn is the planet of structure, limitations, waning, etc.. . You can effectively rid through the steps below by using the power of it. (Note, this is best performed during a period of waning moon)

First, draw the astrological symbol of Saturn on the outside of the envelope in black, the symbol looks like a lowercase n with a cross in the top ans a curve in it’s leg (easily found on google images)

Next, put the coffee into the envelope, coffee beans are often utilised in banishing energies and the colour black corresponds to Saturn.

Place the claws of your middle fingers. (The middle finger is the finger in correspondence to Saturn, and having piece of your body there ties the spell to yourself)

Then place 5 bits of lead into the envelope (lead is the metal represented by Saturn)

Finally seal the envelope, if used, then light the candle at the middle of your room, then walk around the area chanting “I do so to clear my house, my life, and my body of negativity”, while shaking the pouch.

Keep in mind that following the spell, forgetting about the spell is the perfect way. After forgetting, you may see results.

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