This spell should cleanse your past pains, frustrations, and negative emotions. The pain won’t be gone completely, but will be dulled, and you’ll be a stronger person from it.

You will need the following items for this spell:

One candle (any color) Something to light your candle Belief Trust in your God or Goddess of choice

Casting Directions for ‘Rebirth’

1- Light your candle, and hold the candle.
2- Stare into the flame, and channel all of your past negative emotions to it. Imagine these feelings as a world of power in your heart, then imagine them going out though your arms and to the candle, travel to the fire.
3- (Do not break eye contact with the candle, unless it is to blink, obviously, and don’t lose concentration on the fire.) Say these words, addressing your God or Goddess of choice: “My Lord/Lady, I have been though many hardships in this life of mine. I wish for my pains and sorrows, angers and frustrations, fears and doubts, to be transformed into something newer and more powerful. I want to grow from my past mistakes and misfortunes, not to be held back by them. I want to hurt from them no longer; for them to do me no harm. I need for them to transform me into someone wiser, stronger, calmer, and more self-aware. So mote it be.”
4- Imagine the energy which represents the negative emotions changing colour, and becoming intellect, strength, calmness, and self-awareness. Imagine the energy moving from the flame back throughout the candle and then down your arms back to your core.
5- yanking the God/Goddess and blow out the candle.

Please message me if it works. This was among my first spells.

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