Retrieve a Friend or Love you Lost


Can it end badly? If you’re ready to forgive and want them back on your life, here’s a little white magic.

You may need the following items for this spell:

2 Dandelions with a relatively long stem
2 Pieces of string/thread/ribbon of the Right colour
2 Feathers (preferably you find outside, if possible)

Casting Instructions for ‘Retrieve a Friend or Love you Lost’

If you don’t have dandelions, you can substitute it with another flower. I chose dandelions because they’re sunny, easy to find, and the stalks turn together more easily.

Do this outside on a sunny day.

Repeat the following (and admittedly somewhat lame) poem, adjusting or removing lines that don’t apply to your situation. Personally, I wrote this for a friend, but I added some lines for people who are looking toward fixing things with someone more “special.” Adjust as needed.

Dandelion, dressed in yellow
To me you will say hello
Dandelion, bright and yellow
You and I will never struggle
Dandelion, bright and sweet
Speak with sugar when we meet
Dandelion, candy and taking root
You will forget our dispute/ You will always think I am cute
Dandelion, rooted and developing
Friendship/Love on your heart is finally showing
There’s Growth on your heart
We’ll have a new start
You will return to me
This is my will, so mote it be

Twist the dandelions together once with each line. In case you have excess stem when you’re done, pluck it off. Hold the end with your feet (that is what I did) and tie it in the top under the flowers and at the end of the stalks so that it doesn’t fall apart.

Dig a shallow hole about as long as the flowers, and bury them with the petals peeking out of the hole. To represent freedom, tick the two feathers in the ground next to the flowers. While you’re doing so, it would be a fantastic idea to chant something along the lines of “free to be.”

Then you’re done. If you would like, you can water the flowers. I thought it was enjoyable.

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