Request Them With Them


This Spell Will Have The Person Of Choice Ask The Person Out, And Start A Happy Long-lasting Realtionship.

!! (Can Be Used On Yourself To)

You may need the following items for this spell:

.4 red candles
.1 yellow candle
.1 white candle
.2 oarange candles
.1 pink candle
.Pink or red rose petals. . (Or Any Type of petals)

Casting Directions for ‘Ask Them Out, Stay With Them’

Place the Red Candles In Any Or A Circle Shape You Want. Take Put One and the 2 oarange Candles Behind One Of The Red Candles. Take The Oarange One, And Put It Behind Another One Of The Red Candles. Take The White Candle And Place It Any wear You Would Like To Put It, Place the Yellow Candle Behind It Or Beside It. Put The Pink candles In the Middle Of The Circle Or Whatever Shape You Produced Put The Petals Around The Pink Candle. Light The Candles, Focas About The Person Asking The Individual Out And Staying Togetther Happily For A Verry Long Time. ( Wisper the titles f The People in mind or outloud 3-5 times Subsequently Chant, “She Wants Him, And He Wants Her, So Why Wait? Take Her By The Hand, Ask Her Her. And Start A Long Lasting Happy Realationship. No Harm Done, Mote It Be” Then Blow Out The Candles!!! :-RRB- Hope It Works For You, It Worked For Me Trying To Get My Two Freinds Togetther!

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