Attract a Lover


A spell to attract a lover.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Pink Candle
Sandalwood Oil
Lavander Oil or your favorite oil
Pink Pen
When: Friday, preferably around the moon, definitley during a waxing moon

Casting Instructions for ‘Attract a Lover’

Because youll need to think of a list of qualities youre looking for in a lover this spell requires some forethought. Do you have character attributes or physical characteritics in mind? Write your listing in ink be specific but brief. Then on or around the moon that is or in the on a Fridaynight during the waxing moon, light your candle. Place your list. Mix several drops sandalwood oil, lavander oil,(or your favorite oil) in your burner and light the candle inside of it. If the burners candle is pink, so much the the better! Imagine your lover as the scent of this oil is released.

How does she or he look, behave, and dres?

What kind of car does this person drive?

Which type of work does she or he do?

What are her passions or his?

Draw the symbol for Venus. Continue the visualization for as long as you need to make the images as vivid as possible . Inhale the scen of oils in the burner. Snuff out the candles flames rather than blowing them out. At least mix your oils and light the pink candle and the candle in the burner. As the odor permeates feel the presence of your lover. As always,. By throwing both candles away release your desire.

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