Repair Wing Feathers


Repair the feathers. If you’ve got them. Great for fixing up primaries so as to fly if a person cut them.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Down feather out of your wings ( one you can go without)
Your blood
Fresh soil
Pink candle
White candle
Green candle

Casting Directions for ‘Repair Wing Feathers’

Make the potion. Mix the salt into the water until dissolved, then add the bloodstream, then blend in dirt until it becomes sand. Boil it for a few minutes, then stir until its warm. Transfer to a different container and go to where the spell will be done.

Set the pink candle to the left, green to the right, and white in the center. Light the white candle and light the other two candles with the white candle. Take the down feather and place it onto the sand mixture and chant: O natural powers! O gods and goddesses! Heal my wounded feathers, fix my broken wings! I call the powers of the components to cure me and rejuvenate me, So I will fly with my mighty wings! This potion I’ve made will heal me, And regrow my precious feathers, which were ruined or maybe even lost. And thus I cannot fly. But the potion, warm and welcome, Will grow in missing pieces, Repair broken tips or even lost feathers, And make my wings able to fly again! And once more I shall fly over clouds, Beating against the wind and drifting lazily, Over hill, city and hilltop, With my beautiful wings. So mote it be! Now rub the mud on your wings where you need to heal them. Leave it on for a little while, until its a bit firmer, but still moist enough to come out in a great wash. Dont let it dry up, or get hard enough to stick and rip out more of your feathers! Your feathers should regrow their missing parts soon. Be extra careful with them as they cure.

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