Realm Creation


A spell generated so one can make and physically walk into a world of their own design for any purpose they have chosen.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Elemental or recognizable physical body for familiar portal sacred space

Casting Instructions for ‘Realm Creation’

This is likely to be the only spell I put up here as it was hard for me to develop it and it took me some time to do so. It is experimental so you were warned but I’m putting it up because after all the hard work to create this particular spell, I wanted to share it with someone from the magical community to see it they have the ability to do it, what changes they made to it themselves etc. if something is unclear, then don’t hesitate to contact me. and if you succeed in casting this spell then by all means contact me. This spell is an excerpt from my spell book though some of the things ive done differently may or may not affect the outcome, its too soon to tell. well, enough of this. Here is the spell.

Phase 1: Primary Preparation
Step 1: determine the basic principle and nature of the world to build up. This is its foundation
Step 2: Build your world around this principle. How it will function generally. How lucid or solid will the world be, etcetera. As well as a general structure of its landscapes and so on
Step 3: Determine the nature of your unborn Kin Spirit or familiar/elemental. Its basic character should match all the world you’re creating for better integration. The rest is up to you, and how you increase it/him/her
Step 4: Gather the ingredients required to create your kin spirit and prepare to make it.

Phase 2: Raising your Kin Spirit
Step 1: Create your Kin Spirit as required to your world.
Step 2: Maintain and manage that spirit. Treat it like a loved child and let it know its purpose, as well that you will still care for it after it is completed
Step 3: Educate it its lore
Step 4: Develop a rapport with your Kin Spirit as a way to communicate with it telepathicly
Step 5: Become in tune with one another. Steps four and five should come naturally ass you raise the Kin Spirit.

Stage 3: Refining your world
Step 1: Create a more specific outline of the world. Here, an individual could get a sketchbook and draw out how many landscapes will look, write down the properties of different elements, plants and so forth. Draw or write down basic parameters of your world like how big it is, how much will be sea or land, how big the ecosystems will be and so on. But be general enough so that it leaves a since of wonder, so that mana can be displaced more naturally. Make certain to do this WITHOUT creating various wildlife on the planet.
Step 2: In a location you chose, make a geographical place in your world where a counterpart of your kin spirit exists. This means that if your Kin Spirit has been born as a tree, then an exact duplicate of said tree should exist on the planet. Here it is best that you start with the seed and then duplicate the seed, making a connection between the physical seed, and the astral one you created in the world. While growing it in the physical world, also grow it in the astral realm. This way, both trees are one and the same and will obviously be linked together. This link will be invaluable later.

Phase 4: Refining the focus Website
Step 1: Experience your Focus Site. The focus site is your sacred spaces, in your world and the one you inhabit. You’re to astral project to you Focus Site and just walk around or sit. Experience it, what does it smell like, its temperature, what does the ground feel like, is it warm or cool, wet or dry, bare or covered in grass. Drink water if it is present in your Focus Site, is it clear, does it taste good, refreshing? Listen to it, what are the sounds of this area, wind on the leaves, fruit or nuts dropping to the floor and so on. Take in the surroundings, become knowledgeable about this place through every sense you have. This will solidify it through your attention to it and will fortify your connection to this place, making it easier to remember for later steps regarding transportation there. Take note of the technique you used to bring your consciousness here. Make sure it is a method that makes you feel you could walk in that world when the connection is established. Make a point to feel out the worlds mana as well as the mana of your home world.
Step 2: Summon your Kin Spirit to your Focus Site. Get it acquainted with this place as you have. Make sure it?s the kind of place it could be comfortable in for a while and teach it what work will be done here.
Step 3: Repeat steps 1 though 2 several times over a period you deem necessary. You need to be able to bring yourself to the place very easily, almost without needing to meditate. Repeat this until your focus site is as natural to you as ones back yard or other physical surroundings. You don?t need to visualize a road to walk on it, you shouldn?t need to do this after a time.

Phase 5: Final Preparations
Step 1: Preparing the Focus Sites. Send your Kin Spirit to your worlds Focus Site and have it ready to use a grounding technique. You will do exactly the same from the focus site in your current realm. Both must send your roots deep under ground. Do this to get mana of both worlds circulating around and throughout your Sacred Spaces. Once complete, make a note of the worlds mana, make all notes you can about it. You should now know about your inhabited worlds mana, and your created worlds mana.
Step 2: Preparing the Portal. Set up a portal near your Kin Spirits body on your Focus Site and place the corresponding portal in precisely the identical spot in the website in another world. Hold the portal open and the two of you practice channeling mana from your individual worlds into the other. This portal, and flow of mana will become another link into the two worlds, in addition to integrating links together and making them stronger. Once done, take note of any and all links between the two worlds as you can and write it down.
Step 3: Inspecting the focus sites. Meditate in the physical Focus Site for a while. Make a note of its mana, feel it out. Make sure there is a faor amount of mana flow in this region, you will need it later. Maintain the area cleansed, sealed, warded, whatever you deem necessary to keep it safe and ? clean? . Most important is that you have a good feel of this worlds mana. When completed, astral project to your world. Greet your Kin Spirit or bring it with you if it resides with you normally and do the exact same in your realms Focus Site. Make especially sure this place is cleansed and secure, you don?t want harm to come to your Kin Spirit as you are both working, or you when you arrive.
Step 4: Inspecting the portal. Open or unlock the portal and inspect it. Make sure that it is stable. Sit down in your focus site and instruct your Kin Spirit do the same on your new realm. Channel mana from either side one at a time first. Communicate with your Kin Spirit and see whether mana is getting through to the other side into your world. If yes, then through telepathy, allow your Kin Spirit feel just how much mana you sent through then instruct it to send you a message of how much it received or noticed on its end, if no, then fiddle with the portal or method you manipulating energy you’re using till your kin spirit can feel the oncoming mana. Then repeat the procedure with your Kin Spirit as the original sender. This will give you a general idea of how much mana is getting through to each side and if you will need to adjust how much mana each sends or not. Make a note of this. When this is completed prepare to ship mana through the portal simultaneously from both websites for a small amount of time. Then stop and make a note as before. Rest up, then try casting simultaneous mana transference again (I could have probably come up with a shorter name or simply made up a short name for it for memories sake as I usually do but don?t want to be confusing if I?m not already) for a much longer period, make sure not to over exert every other, if one of you are tired then rest and have a note of every one of your limits.

Final Phase
The final preparations have been made. Now all there is to do would be to repeat steps one through four of phase 5 until the kingdom is dense enough for you and the portal strong enough to transport you. Make all necessary precautions and then more just in case, it never hurts to be careful. Great luck fellow mages.

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