Reality Creation


This spell as for those who wish to create their own personalized reality to suit their needs and taste and their desired effects

You will need the following items for this spell:

Concentration Imagination large amount of magical energy Physical material item Sigil

Casting Directions for ‘Truth Generation’

(1) Before you even start on creating your reality you must think of what your truth is at and how big does it include a small planet or does it consist an whole universe? Also what are? How many are they what’s there to current level of Technology do they speak the same language as you and much more questions you can ask yourself when you are using the spell? Once you determine what you want to create you can do so as many times as you like if the first reality fails.
(2) Collect up your magical energies wherever they come from you need an enormous quantity of energy to make this fact. If you had concentrate on creating a little planet you will not need as much energy I recommend you take medication together up the energy necessary creating your reality. Meditate for at least a whole a week if not a month to gather energy up. Try to do it every day with no distractions. There is no real technique that will give you the appropriate amount of energy.
(3) This part is rather important. Find object whether small or big it doesnt matter so long as you can add it in this spell. What the object will is create an anchor for both your reality and yourself as an anchor will allow you to go to your own reality and back to your original reality. It still is completed the object will fade out of existence but it is going to still be there existing outside among the two facts as a bridge between them as the object from reality it becomes an immortal object. Even if you find a way to go between reality and ,find that thing it Can’t be destroyed no matter what force comes at it
(4) Sigil the information for this is available online this is only to be used to boost your magical effectiveness of it this tool that you would probably have to use requires a portion of practice and research. If you can’t use it that’s fine it just means the effectiveness of the successful reality creation will be lowered by 45%, there’s still room for success but it may require more energy and concentration.
(5) You can use chanting in this spell as long as you imagine your reality taking form as well as the objects beginning to fade from this reality and becomes the bridge into the reality that just formed. You can use any method that you see fit in chant can use the tunes or riddles whatever seems to work best with you.

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