Protection Potion and Spell


With this spell and potion you can enchant any item or items. This is a really powerful thing to do, but it works great.You don’t need each component, but it works better. You can perform this spell at anytime.

You will need the following items for this spell:

An item or items you would like to enchant 1 bay leaf A pinch of celery salt or 1/2 piece of real celery A pinch of thyme A pinch of parsley 2 pinches garlic 1 lemon cut in half, or a few shakes lemon juice 4 cloves A pinch of sesame seed A pinch of dill 3 carrots cut in half 1 orange, halved A pinch of tarragon A pinch of oregano 1tbsp any coffee in strainer or lace A pinch of paprika 1 bag green tea 1 bag any tea with chamomile inside 4 pecans A sink full of warm water

Casting Directions for ‘Protection Potion and Spell’

Fill up any sink 3/4 the way full with warm water. Add in the two tea bags and the coffee. allow to steep until water is darkened. Then eliminate them they will be needed. If you have a lemon cut in half and put it in or shake in some lemon juice

Put in all of the spices and herbs above, if you have it refreshing it’ll work the same. Cut your orange and carrots in half and add them along with the pecans. Your mixture might not look tasty but it should smell good.
Put in the item or items you would like to enchant and begin to slowly stir the mixture. While You’re stirring state this spell and you dont need to memorize it:
A bay leaf for protection,
Celery for psychic ability,
Thyme for attracting loyalty
Parsley for calmness and protecting thy home,
Garlic for healing and protection,
Lemon for cleansing,
Cloves for banishing the hostile,
Sesame for money,
Dill for luck,
Carrots for lust,
Orange for prosperity of happiness,
Orange peel for love,
Tarragon for healing,
Pecans for employment and success,
Oregano for strength,
Coffee for anti-negativity,
Paprika for adding energy into a spell,
Chamomile for healing and love
Stop stirring the mix and reach in and find your item/s but don’t pull them out hold them in your hand and repeat the spell. You shall know whether or not it worked, as you’ll feel the energy radiating off of this mixture and the room itself. Take the object out and dry it. you will have more energy.

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