Powerful Werewolf Spell


This spell is dangerous and you could lose your mind So listen carefully and if you are a Newcomer dont try this.This spell will take all your energy until you refill it again

Symptoms you might experience
Your eyes type of burn
You are more likely to roam the dark and you need to eat alot more.
You’re nocturnal
You are really strong
You have super speed
Your agility is increased
Your head hurts
You may see alot better in the dark and you can see farther on a full moon and can see motion better on a full moon.Youll hear alot better too.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 candle of whatever the colour you want your eyes to be on your werewolf type One candle of what colour you want your fur in your werewolf form One candle of what colour you want your skin to be. One candle for the element earth which is a green candle

Casting Instructions for ‘Powerful Werewolf Spell’

Focus really hard and concentrate on this spell but meditate and clear your mind and imagine yourself in a quiet place then focus and concentrate on the spell really hard when saying the spell.Here is the spell:Gods and Goddess’s I wish for your candle that’s ______ to be the colour of my eyes.I wish for your candle that’s _______ to be the colour of my fur.I wish for the candle that is ________ to be the color of my skin.The final candle shall be _________ colour of my part and so shall this element shield me from the unknown evil that resides within.Gods and Goddess’s I want to combine these elements with each other thus this will create true type of a werewolf so mote it be I will prowl the night and have super strength and speed as well as agility. Let the monster of the night dwell within my veins at night So mote it be the upcoming full moon the beast is going to be unleashed

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