A Very Powerful Love Spell


For commitment.

Serious, can easily backfire.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 Red candles
2 White candles
Picture of yourself
Picture of the one you want
(optional)Knife, to get a drop of blood
Red ribbon or cording
If you don’t have blood Red marker

Casting Instructions for ‘Powerful Love Spell’

Arrange the candles so they’d form a pentacle if lines were connected between them. The candles ought to be the two things and the one point, together with the candles the remaining points. Light your candles counter-clockwise.

Place your two pictures at the middle of the star, along with your knife and ribbon alongside it. Say the chant, focusing on the words. Please read through this and make sure this is before performing the spell, the kind of love you want!

To you the one who’s caught my eye
I bind you to me never lie
Never stray and enjoy me ’till
I’m dead in the ground and even

Feel for me than ever
Each day each hour more and more
When you’re with me, happiness stay you
When away sadness you’ll see

But worry not for when you think
Of me and shut your eyes blink

And reminded you will be

And each day when you feel down
You’ll call to me and sadness drown
Tell of your issues and tell me true

When it comes time for me to tell
Listen true and listen well
Offer advice so clean and kind
Of you others will be green

You’re bound forever more
Binding never to be tore
Completed now this spell shall be
As I will, so mote it be

But if you have means to get a drop of blood:
Take your knife and make a cut on your finger, just deep enough so it bleeds. Place the two pictures side by side, and draw (so half is on one picture and half is on the other) an infinity symbol, linking the two pictures together. Place of blood only on the picture that belongs to your lover, so it makes a kiss-mark, and kiss the drop of blood. Take the 2 pictures with the picture sides facing each other, and press them together. Wrap the pictures along with the ribbon and tie it tight, focusing on the thought of binding your lover to you whilst you wrap the pictures.

If you DON’T have means to get a drop of blood:
Use the red marker to create the symbol then choose one of those red candles and drip some of the wax onto your lover’s image, so it makes a small puddle. Let it cool ever then kiss the wax, so it makes an imprint of your lips. Press the two pictures picture sides facing each other, together with the ribbon tightly then wrap them, focusing on the idea of binding your lover to you whilst you wrap the pictures.

Finishing up:
Blow out the candles, in the same sequence they were lit by you. Take these pictures, and keep them safe somewhere. Make sure that the never comes undone. You must have strong focus and intent to make this spell work, and whether the person who you attempt to perform it on is not supposed to love you the spell might backfire. It’s made me very sick in the past when I did it but otherwise has been successful.

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