This isn’t a spell, so much as it’s a technique that stems from Empathy (the ability to feel the feelings of others.) Pathokinesis is the ability to psychically manipulate/change the emotions of others.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Strong psychological control (meaning you have to be capable of “pulling up” a certain feeling/emotion at will)
Empathy (the ability to sense the feelings of others Pathokinesis is most effective when the user is an Empath one with the ability of Empathy, as Pathokinesis is a common result of Empathy after ample time and expertise with Empathy.)

Casting Instructions for ‘Pathokinesis’

1.) Analyze take some time to comprehend and literally feel the emotion you wish to instill in their emotional mind. 2.) Tune-in to their existing feelings/emotions (this is why it’s more effective if the consumer is an Empath, because clearly you require access into their feelings until you can change them) and get a sense NO pun intended 😛 for the way he or she currently feels. No.2* – I suggest visualizing a red and blue emotional cord gradually protruding from your heart and to his or her heart, and just letting whatever wishes to come through come as it may. 3.) As you feel what they are feeling, slowly and methodically is key here begin to change what you feel from him or her (meaning his or her emotions/feelings) into the emotion you wish him or her to feel by literally feeling the particular emotion, just as you did in the very first step. No. * – Wish you luck and power as you go on with this practice, but just remember not to play then! This is a risky ability, since it’s toying with someones emotions/feelings. Only use this to calm down one, or brighten ones day a little. =D – BY: TaRoCcHi_11

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  1. Do you know anything about a person that has the natural ability to 1.) Attract people to open up about their emotions without trying and 2.) On many occasions has had people fall completely in love with them for no reason? If you have any theories, please email me. Thank you!


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