Paper Charm to Heal a Heart


This is a simple spell to help assist in the healing of another’s frustration; it can also be performed on the self, if desired.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A piece of paper
A writing utensil suited to your paper
A candle and something to light it with
A fireproof dish
(Optional) Herbs Regarding healing and love
(Optional) Crystals pertaining to healing and love
(Optional) Glue or tape

Casting Instructions for ‘Paper Charm to Heal a Heart’

This spell is best performed either at dawn or during the night; on a Monday, Thursday, or Sunday; by the waxing to full moon.

Light the candle. If you cannot use candles or have open flames, do not worry about it.

If you opted to use crystals, place them on a flat, even surface, and place the paper before them. Write the target’s name on the piece of paper (full is preferable), and draw a sigil over their written name to help in the recovery of the heart.

White paper is fine, and lined works in a pinch, but feel free to use any colors that you associate with curing (e.g. blue or green), or enjoy (e.g. red or pink). As an alternative, you can color on the paper or draw more symbols of healing and love on it before continuing.

Fold the paper into an origami heart, or just cut the paper into a heart shape.

If you opted to fold the paper into a heart via origami, you can fill it with herbs to use as a sachet for a boost of energies.

Hold the heart-charm on your hands and concentrate on the individual. Concentrate on sending them feelings of love and healing. Fill the heart with positive energies, and the aim that your goal will heal from their heartbreak and be able to feel all of the love that still surrounds them. Do this for as long as you feel is sufficient for the charm to be billed.

You can either seal the charm and gift it to your target, or burn it to release the feelings and energies to send to them ; if you are unable to light fires or use candles, tear it up into little pieces and give them to your goal or enable the wind to carry it away (bonus points if the wind happens to be blowing in the direction of where your target lives).

If trimming the charm, you can set it in a fireproof container and drop a match onto it. As an alternative, you can set a corner of the charm into an open flame, then immediately put it into a fireproof container to finish burning. Ensure that the fireproof dish can also be put on a fireproof surface that will not heat up. If you opted to use herbs in the charm, depending on how dry they are, the allure may simply smoulder and not completely catch on fire, and this is fine. Continue to burn it as much as needed before it’s totally burned or singed, then dispose of the ashes. They may be released into the wind, kept in a vial or sachet and talented to the target for further energies, or just thrown out.

Remember to always practice appropriate fire safety when working with candles and burning paper!

Be cautious if you filled the charm with herbs and you opt to burn it- ensure that the herbs you chose are safe to be burnt!

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