Ode to the Vampire Mother


This sends one of the mothers children (vampire). To turn you, and initiate you into being a true vampire.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 Ankh (options in instructions)
5 Black candles

Casting Instructions for ‘Ode to the Vampire Mother’

You must realize that if that does work (havent tested it myself I dont know how long this will take) that there is no turning back, if you make this choice, and you are visited, you will join the ranks of the undead as a true immortal vampire! I ask that you want this with your spirit if you are to do this. You do this at 14, youll be 14 eternally, just be wise is all I request. (The spell is in Latin, and it is recommended it is said in that language, an English version will be posted under the recommended version) Place the five black candles on each corner of the pentagram. . And sit in the middle of the pentagram. . Burn incense if you must. Sit and meditate for around 5 mins – 1 hr. . Holding the Ankh to your torso or setting it right before you. (IF you don’t own an Ankh simply draw one neatly onto a piece of cardboard or paper, but be neat with it, and place it in front of you) Say the bout with a force, say it honestly with none other than faith. Think in visualize in your mind, the mother. . Breath in the nighttime air. . Consider respect, and loyalty. . As well as bloodlust. . Let her listen to a voice with significance. . The spell is only as real as your religion is. . After meditating, keep your eyes shut as the candles burn. . Listen to the night for an instant, then take a deep breath and say with respect, love and loyalty. O dea tenebris mater immortalibus puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur mea lux vestra absorbere liceat mihi locus ad tenebras sicut ex utero immortales filios tuos in ulnis quibus invocaverit te frater O lunae lumen puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur me duce tenebris sunt I ita erit renatus English: Oh goddess of the darkness mother to the immortal let me be reborn as your child let your light absorb my own Permit me passing into the darkness as from the immortal womb into the arms of your kids to whom I will call brother Oh moonlight let me be reborn as your child guide the dark ones to me so I will be born again

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