Nightmares/Protection While Dreaming


This is to keep dreams nightmares away and while your asleep assist with keeping you safe from anything.

You will need the following items for this spell:

White candle White sage A dream catcher that you made yourself or that is a personal thing You’ve gotten from someone or have always had Blessed water A red brick A tool to break and crush the brick Pure sea salt A paper and a pencil A bag mojo bag or plastic bag does not matter which

Casting Directions for ‘Nightmares/Protection While Dreaming’

Split your red brick as much as possible and use as much as you think you want if you can crush it until it is in a powder like form now once your done carefully put it on your bag mojo bag plastic bag which ever you have decided to use.

As soon as you have done that you may Light your white candle and beneath its light while its dark write on your piece of paper this. Lay to rest myself in sleep and just bring about peace to bring good dreams guard me from what threatens my peace in my sleep so mote it be .
Once you have written that down you will get your holy water blessed water and set it on the words of this paper. Be careful not to make the ink smear. Get your luggage that you have and pour the salt you have into it thats now with the brick
Memorize the spell which you write back on the peace of newspaper bring your dream catcher and hold it in your hands. Close your eyes and relax yourself. Stay near the candle at a safe distance and say the spell. While saying put your energy into each word with belief and visualize your dream catcher and mojo bag putting a sheild around you in a white light and washing over you keeping you safe. You may say the spell as many time as you feel you need to .
Open your eyes and place the amount of paper to the bag you’ve close it make sure its own sealed. Light your sage and allow the smoke blow into the bag and dream catcher you can use a feather if you want to. Smudge yourself. Together with your hand or a feather visit your bed or where ever you sleep and let the smoke go over the bed your pillow ect.
Hang up your dream catcher over your bed and place the bag you’ve got under your pillow. Let the candle burn out in case you cant do that safely then use any remaining holy water blessed water you have and set it over the candle till it burns out. Lay down and now before you sleep again see the white light coming from the dream catcher and bad and both of it forming a protective postive showed around you that cant be broken.

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