Morpheus Guided Dream Spell


Cast to invoke Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams, and ask him for guidance or visions.

Good for divination. Involves blood magic. Read all of the way through before casting, as some ingredients may be tough to obtain.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Paper to draw a sigil on, Something to draw a sigil with, A ceramic bowl or mug, rather all white, Your blood, (obtained safely), Tea (preferably Chamomile Lavender or another sleep related tea), Something to stir with, Sugar, A lighter or some other fire starting implement, Somewhere you can burn paper safely without mixing the ashes of the paper with something else. An area with dirt where you can dig and bury things Optional Items: Incense that calms you down Other relaxing things that ease your surroundings and connect one to Morpheus (In my experience, he really digs Selenite crystals)

Casting Directions for ‘Morpheus Guided Dream Spell’

This spell is to be cast at night.
Create a sigil to represent the Oneiromanteion, or the House of Hypnos, Morpheus, and the other Oneiroi. Mine looks just like a deconstructes amphora with sand pouring out of it because whenever I think of some of the Oneiroi the song Mr. Sandman plays in my mind.
Burn the sigil, putting the ashes into a mug or something NONPLASTIC which you are able to pour tea into.
Start some tea.
Lavender, Myrhh, or Frankincense is useful but not required. If you have some of the incenses previously recorded, let the incense burn all the way and take the ash, mixing them with the ash from the newspaper that you put the sigil on
Ensuring the ashes are in the cup, pour the tea and add a few drops of blood (Obtained safely. I’m hella clumsy, so I have scabs I can remove at any point to get blood from them. Don’t injure youself please. It might add a negative impact to the spell.)
Mix it all together, with a finger or a spoon or anything.

I use my wand for a little more oomph, but you don’t have to.

Partake of the offering, no matter how gross it is, ingest a Bit NOT A LOT (just like 1 drop is required) of the gross tea

After that, I add a huge amount of sugar into the tea because in my experience Morpheus enjoys his sugar.

Set the tea cup in your windowsill and leave overnight, and regardless of whether you recieve the guidance you’re requesting, the morning after you cast the spell remember to pour the tea on earthy ground.

If you can dig a little hole to pour the tea in, even better.

After that, pour the tea into the hole or just to the grass if you couldn’t dig a hole.

If you can dig a hole, light a match, let the sulfer burn off, and then drop it into the hole with the gross tea.

Fill the hole back up with Earth, and invite Morpheus again.

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