Mermaid of the Ocean Blue


I tested it got a few side effects. Emails will be deleted and the senders will be blocked. This is my spell out here. It works and have a good day.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Symbol Cup of water with salt. Any kind of shell Any phase of moon or a picture of the full moon Another necklace Pen Paper

Casting Directions for ‘Mermaid of the Ocean Blue’

The first thing you will need to do is to write down the spell, then put your symbol from the cup of salt water. It can be either cold or warm water. Then you put a shell from the water. If you do this on a full moon you can do this outside. If not then you can pull up a picture of it on google or bing. Next you hold the second necklace over the spell and say the following as many times as you like. You can select what god or spirit you wish to call too. I recomend Ikatere as he’s supposedly created mermaids and the fish in the sea.

“Mermaids of the Ocean blue, I cry out to you. My wish is to become a mermaid like you and to be free in the sea. Oh (whatever being you wish to call too) hear this plea. Make me one with the sea. Let me have fins rather than feet, my tail will be long and start at my waist. So please lets make haste with this. My tail will be (tail color) please grant me with powers within the hour. My powers will be (your abilities) and will come to me from beyond the shore. The entire moon will enchant me and turn me the first two weeks. After that only water can alter me. Rain will not harm me. This is my biggest desire so please mermaids, spirits, and gods or goddesses of the sea please grant me this wish.
So mote it be.

Now you slowly take out your shell, if it has water in it then spend the shell and rub the water in your hands and legs, also be sure to hold the other necklace within the newspaper with the spell. It should spin on its own. Then take out your symbol and place it on. Drink the water about ten sips will do, stare at the moon or picture of the moon for two or three minuets. After that meditate for five minuets then go to sleep, keep your legs together for an hour. In case it helps go to sleep listening to sea sounds.

If it works for you then you should have these side effects
Tingly legs
Legs stick together alot
Legs will hurt
If you keep your legs apart for to long you may begin to feel a pain in your legs.
You may get lucky and have mermaid dreams. Pay attension to what your tail looks like that may be the one you get.

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