Massacre’s Soul Consumption Approach


This isn’t a spell, but rather a method on stealing and swallowing someone else’s energy and soul, for you to utilize.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Massacre’s Soul Consumption Method’

First off, be completely relaxed. Meditate, and enter a trance state (Preferably the Alpha state, but Theta is more powerful. I found this visual method more powerful. Mother and Father utilize this method as well.) With your eyes closed, visualise them in front of you, with their back to you.

Visualise you consuming their aura at all. You could visualise yourself actually eating and ingesting their aura till its gone, or you could wind up drawing in their aura into your sacral/sexual chakra. ALWAYS draw in energy with your feminine chakras, as they absorb energy; male chakras project energy.

While they have their back to you, reach in their back; envision your hand phasing through their back. When you pull your hand away, you should be holding a jar of white-gold liquid, glowing as bright as the sun. This signifies their soul.

With this jar of while-gold liquid on your hands, open up the top, and start drinking it. As you create each gulp, you consume and take more of their soul. Visualise the individual becoming weaker as more of their soul is consumed.

As soon as you’ve consumed every last drop of the liquid, then visualise pitch black energy going into the bottle. This will render them defenseless, making them more vulnerable to psychic attacks and black magick workings.

When the bottle is completely full of the pitch black power, visualise it condensing into a liquid as dark as a black hole. Close the jar, and visualise your hand and the bottle phasing into their back. Once when you put the bottle intp the individual, pull your hands off. They will be more open and vulnerable, and you can use their energy and soul as you wish. I recommend transforming them into grey energy, the most devastating energy, and directing it back to them. Grey energy is passing energy.

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