Make an Abuser Leave a Relationship


This should ONLY be used to split up a couple where there is abuse. Don’t use this for personal gain, or consequences will be negative. Copyright to Shauna McShane. DO NOT reproduce in any form.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Large Glass Jar (pickle jar, saurkraut jar, etc)
Black pepper
Piece of the abusive individual’s clothing/hair/nail/etc..
Blood (your own)
1 Lemon
Black candle
Paper on it with the Individual’s name
Photo of the person, if possible
Fabric Pen

Casting Instructions for ‘Create an Abuser Leave a Relationship’

1) Produce a poppet of the person with the fabric. Stuff the poppet with the persons clothing/hair/nail (I got hair of the abuser by visiting their house and stealing it from his brush), as well as the paper with the abusers name. For those who have a photo of the individual, cut the face out and place it where the face would be on the poppet–if not, draw their likeness on the poppet. Place a drop of YOUR BLOOD on the poppet. This is very important, or the spell wont work.

2) Say to the poppet: You are ___persons name___ over and over, chanting it till you believe the energy of the person is in that poppet.

3) Put the poppet in the jar.

4) Pee in the jar, directly on the poppet.

5) Add the vinegar, cut lemon, garlic, and black pepper into the jar until it is full.

6) Close the lid of the jar.

7) Light the black candle, and seal the jar with the wax from it. You could even add sigils of banishment into the wax using a pin or rusty nail, or drawn on the jar in marker.

8) Now hold the jar and start this chant: Poppet of ___men name____ Poppet on your shape, I bind us together with my blood, And make your life forlorn. Leave ____abused persons name___ Leave her/him now for great, I command you now, To do as I believe you should. * Repeat this three times.

9) Now chant: ___persons name___ leave her, I command you. Over and over, until you feel the energy peak, and then let it loose to the jar and poppet.

10) Keep the jar in a dark place (an attic or basement, or in a closet that’s never opened) until they split up.

11) When they split up, throw the jar in the garbage (as the abuser is now garbage from the victims eyes). *The blood binds your energies to the abuserswhy it is so critical. This is also why it is important to do this ONLY for the benefit of the victim, rather than to just break up a few for your advantage.

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