Make a Spell Successful


Here is some general information about building a spell work.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Quartz crystal things of your own that you think may work feel free to do so.

Casting Instructions for ‘Create a Spell Successful’

So first why spells might not be working usually has to do with the way you feel act or understand what you’re doing. Okay so number1. Spells do not work if you have a bad comprehension of why or what it is you’re doing when you do a spell you need to know what exactly know what the ingredients mean not only take some ones word for it or can can change something to fit how you feel like to the individual who wrote the spell red could mean to them healing and life but blue would mean that to you something is strong negativity. A little negativity is perfectly normal nothing to worry about so dont worry your self bye trying to stop that little voice in your head that is saying no it is super normal.

The way you can clear your aura and get that negativity that is powerful out -unless you naturally have no belief in wicca in any respect. Tie a string or what ever around the quartz crystal then tie thrope around y ur head so the quartz crystal is at the center of the. Then just imagine the color of the negativity and bad energy all going out of your head into the Crystal.after youre done wash the Crystal is salt water. The other reason is because it has to mean some thing or it mens nothing.

So when you read someones spell possibly at your own things to it that make sense oeto you to make it your own. You can’t! Have that okay I will do this and lets see what happens attitude what your doing mt mean something on hart and your head to you.


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