Love to you Sugar


Friendship or love to sweeten in your life to gently and slowly bring them. This spell takes time and some planning, but with every day gets stronger!

You may need the following items for this spell:

Sugar (Can be White granulated or Organic Cane Sugar)
A heat dish
Red or Pink Taper Candle
Piece of paper
Pen or Marker (Red or Pink ink preferred)
Anointing Oil for Love or Romance

Casting Directions for ‘Bring Love to you Sugar’

Take your piece of paper and write down the name of the person you are attempting to bring into your life. If its all you’ve got, you may use a regular pencil, but a pink or red mark or pen works. As soon as you have the name fold it towards you, turning it clockwise if you need to turn to fold in another direction. You put it into a dish and will place this small folded paper and bury it in the sugar.

You will take the candle youve and put it in the sugar. You may anoint the candle before you put it if youd like. After youve set the candle in the sugar, you may light the candle and you’ll be able to say a chant on your mind, say their name if you prefer to, or just imagine the person youre trying to bring closer gradually open their heart and return to you in a easy pace.

Burn the candle for a short while, but dont over do it, you need to burn a little bit of the candle every single night and snuff it out finished. The moon, on the previous night, the rest of the candle will burn completely. If wax builds up to the bottom and melts into a clump with the sugar, hold onto it, you can bury it or even keep it on your altar in a different dish or even keep it in the one youve used.

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