Launching Your 3rd Eye Spell Rite


Great for Your first time you open you 3rd eye or cleanse the ruling chakra

You will need the following items for this spell:

With this spell you will need: 3 purple candles 3 Black Candles 3 White Candles Mint Incense Meditation pillow/stool/chair (Any music you see fit)

Casting Instructions for ‘Opening Your 3rd Eye Spell Rite’

This spell rite is best worked at night or at the very least dusk.

Start off by laying out the 9 candles list ina large circle one the floor in a place large enough where you’ll be sitting comfortablly in the middle of the circle, (vary them in Black, Purple, White, Black, Purple, White, Black, Purple, White order.)

In the midst lay your meditation pillow. F you do not have a comfortable chair will do or you can sit on the floor. Also in the center place your cencor with Mint incense, be it stick or powder.

Start the rite by Invoking your god and or goddess that is credited to “Psychism” such as Hera or Psyche. Do not invoke a god or goddess you are not familiar with or not conducive to. To said divinty state a general prayer. Following the prayer say the following:

“Sweet god/dess ________ to you I pray, to you I ask.
Join me in this rite, help me to see beyond what my eyes see.
Allow me to divine ________ to open that is closed
And to awaken the powers and gifts you have given to me at birth.
Help me ________ Open my 3rd unseen eye,
That I may be more aware of the divine and that which I can’t see.”

Now light the black candles one by one. As you light each black candle state the following:

“In the darkest of the world comes light to let’s see.”

Next light the purple candles. With each candle lit say the following:

“Power of the gods, bring to me the power to open my hidden eyes and the energy within.”

Lastly light the White candle. With each candle state:

“Power of purity, grant that I see and all I inherit be opure and secure.”

Have a minute now and absorb in the glow of the flames, look at every one and draw in the colour of each candle. Feel the color penetrate your body, fill your body with the light and up to where your third eye is. Take you time with this and revel in the color and the texture.

Next light the incense and use it as so sort of saging to purify and cleanse you, but also to alert yourself. Mint has the ability to do that. Feel it stimulate the area where you third eye is. When done sit down and break a second, allow the incense continue to stimulate your senses.

Now lift up your face and start your hands palms up, in an act of prayer and recieveing. Say the following:

“Sweet god/dess _______,
With your divine power I ask of thee,
Open my divine eye that I may see you.
Open my eye that is celestial which I may work for you.
Here I’m ______, you son/daughter,
Enwrapped in this cicle of candle shine.
Please candy god/dess ________,
Help me awaken my soul and spirit,
Help me increase my psychic abilities,
By opening up my third eye.
This I ask of thee.”

Now relax and slip into a meditative stasis. Envision your third eye as a white flower tighly closed in the region of your third eye. Start to take slow deep breaths. With every breath you take in, draw the magical power about the room. With each breath out, use that power to begin slowly opening the blossom. You may find that it’s going to take some time for the flower to fully blossom. It is going to probably take a few of those spell rites. Do you rush it whatsoever. Infact I highly encourage you to maintain this spell rite within the span of 5-7 days.

When done with the meditation, you should feel a bit lighter and you may feel as if you have a headache. Don’t panick. This is because you’re opening up a part of yourself which has been closed tight. This will stop in time. Blow the candles out when done but allow the incese burn out on its own. Infact if there is incese still burning, take it into the bathroom and slip in the relaxing bath. It is a great way to get the maxium of maxium of your own incense.

Personally, I have found this spell rite good if repeated once or twce annually. It helps clean and clear the 3rd eye. If you see your (flower faded, changing color or wilting) it’s definatly time to do this spell.

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