Kitchen Witch Reversing Spell


You can do this whenever you feel the things in your life are not going the direction you would wish.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Three Red Candles
1 black (Optional)
(Candle in case you can’t get a black candle without raising eyebrows, then go on and get a brand new black permanent marker. Do not use this marker for anything else but this sort of spell if you can help it.)
Rue (Oil or get hold of some mass rue … and a little bottle of
olive oil.)
A small candle holder and a clean piece of paper and a red
pen to write with are the next things.
(Again, a new pen if possible, saving it for this sort of spell. A good thing to do is to find an assortment of colored pens to spare for doing
specific spells.)

Casting Instructions for ‘Kitchen Witch Reversing Spell’

Melt the black wax of the candle in a double boiler and dip
the lower half of the red candles inside, making the black
wax coat the bottom half. Or, if you have to, pay the lower
half of the red candles with the black magic marker.

On a night where you are able to block out everyone for a while,
take a bath with either sea salt or regular salt (1 teaspoon is
sufficient) and a bit of rue oil or rue (cut or ground, does not
matter). Do not towel dry yourself, go ahead and air dry.
(You can wear whatever you normally wear to perform spells, but
you certainly want to air dry.)

Then, get out the rue oil, in a small bowl, combine 3
tablespoons of ground or cut rue and 1 1/2 tablespoons of
olive oil. Coat 1 candle with the oil or oil-herb mixture,
anointing from the middle out, going counter clockwise. Do
the bottom half first, then the top. You’ll be doing this
spell over three consecutive nights, so save the remaining
candles and the oil in a secure location.

On the piece of paper, write down everything you want to see
reversed from you; i.e. bad luck in love, financial
problems, trouble from an anemy, inability to locate what you
need in your life, etc.. Get thoughtful and make sure it’s
something you truly want to send away.

Place the piece of paper under the candle holder (it would
probably be smart to put this in a pie plate or some other
fireproof container), charge the candle with your desire to
see these things or tendencies, and light the candle, with
a milder only (no games).

Do this again for the next two nights, and once you’re done,
burn the piece of paper, seeing your life as if a weight
lifted from it.

If there’s any leftover wax, then collect it in a brown paper bag
and bury that someplace far from you, or throw in a garbage
can across town! Then forget about it, do not worry over it,
just know it worked.

You can do this whenever you feel that the things in your life
are not going the direction you would wish, and distinct candle
colors can be used for certain reversals. This is for
general, overall reversals.

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